• i just wanted to draw them wearing garnets outfit lmao •
My art ruby sapphire SU garnet steven universe rupphire i just wanted to draw them wearing garnets outfit lmao
digital sailor moon mixed traditional usagi tsukino sometimes I draw fictional characters wearing my clothes
arts vent art garnet steven universe i wanted to draw garnets first fusion also i hate colouring
tamara judith just wanted to draw them wearing clothes
kbye i'm not even sorry that's actually fifties!cap I'm just overflowing with keeping-the-outfit jokes after reading Two Americas and I didn't know where to start after fifties!cap made Bucky dress up in his old outfit I just really wanted Steve to see him still wearing it and freak the fuck out and then obviously my brain went to smuttier places like it ever really left them for long iris reads marvel out of context!cap
b.a.p zelo bap:gif I just wanted to gif this part. LMAO. okay bye.
My art Fanart lion Sketch oh well pearl steven universe i just wanted to draw them but not necessarily together
borderlands blart we just dont know tales from the borderlands allart rhys the company man tftbl rhys tftblart will i ever put effort into a drawing again anyway the fuzzy socks im wearing have been through so much theyre not even fuzzy anymore theyre kinda matted and sad ive had them for so many years i cant believe it
pokemon Sketch doodle may (pokemon) cenpai's art pokemon ORAS
disney pencil digital frozen elsa queen elsa mitsouparker I wanted to draw her sooo badly wearing sth with lace
Fanart i dont know Natasha Romanoff black widow captain america 2 Captain America The Winter Soldier AND HER HAIR what is proportion errrrr how to body have to practice more yeaaaa i liked her outfit i want this jacket and shoes which I obviously didnt draw in gave up on proportions
steven universe my art stuff gemsona star garnet somebody dance with me i'm not this curvy irl but these shapes were more interesting lol figuring out the outfit was the hardest part since SU outfits are so simple and form fitting i mostly wanted a kind of garnet cause it's my birthstone
art pokemon painting Fanart roserade pokemon variations
the tumblr artists i tried to draw my socks i cant not wear them its 45 degrees and im wearing socks woooo
hq haikyuu Haikyuu!! oikawa tooru iwaizumi hajime IwaOi OiIwa tatsudaiart i don't even know tbh i just... read some iwaois and... bam i wanted to draw them so bad
danny phantom stuffbeccadrew jk I don't need a reboot just wanted to draw them in a more modern style complete with trans danny and genderfluid sam
art homestuck Halloween mspa kankri vantas cronus ampora so i just starting getting caught up... and wanted to... draw them... i dont' do limited colours a lot it's fun??
blood homestuck violence yoccu art meenah peixes damara megido arden i know you read my tags is this ok for a commission this is like the opposite of the mesasge you sent me the other day LMAO SORRY i just really wanted to draw angry damara u__u ardentsonata can i tagy you this late and still have it work