• i just wanted to draw yveltal and raven and this went off the rails •
pokemon robin teen titans raven yassart i just wanted to draw yveltal and raven and this went off the rails
** Teen Wolf allison argent mine: teen wolf I love you more than everything else in this world gifs: tv need I remind you that this SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL lost her Aunt who was like a sister to her and her mom within a period of a few weeks and right after her mom died she was told that she was bitten ON PURPOSE and that they needed to get revenge a few hours after she died so yes she went off the rails it's completely understandable and when she realized that her grandfather was a stupid liar who didn't actually care who manipulated her she knew what she did was wrong even if she didn't say it it's all over her face so suck on that
1950s dragons psa red scare anticommunism
My art i don't even know kuroko no basuke Kuroko Tetsuya hanamiya makoto I just wanted to draw that first picture and then the second one came out of nowhere Hanamiya may be a genius but he's still dumb I just love Hanamiya crack so much
birds My art raven reference crow rook Jackdaw
doodles long post undertale veloce draws poop I just need an excuse to draw food oops if i ever fell down mt ebbot id eat everything in the underground and then have my soul taken but at least i went the way i wanted to
Why you should draw fanfiction art
  Recently I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should continue drawing art for fanfictions. Because of my internal struggle I decided to write out all of the positives that come with drawing fanfiction art as a reminder to myself, and maybe even convince some of you artists out ...
art teen titans raven malchior Rorek
tamara judith just wanted to draw them wearing clothes
Edgar Allan Poe lenore yuumei The Raven
kojima productions doodleydoo how do i even tag this haha kojima noticed me on twitter and i cri to this day i hope he really liked it this is a bit bulkier than i usually draw i hope the shapes and proportions are okayt
the angrier men are about star wars featuring another female protag the more powerful i become
My art Fanart Off The Judge OFF (game) bad!batter
homestuck OFF (game) sammy does art
my gifs q trc the raven cycle the raven boys the dream thieves trcedit blue lily lily blue i'm not sure about this but i really wanted to do something for those books and i can't do graphics so...
More like, enGAYged.
The only solution is to break them up so he has a chance at Best Man-ship. Dave must enter the war on gay marriage.
pokemon lugia Yveltal Vaporclass Fanart
rae talks homestuck/ pippa6100 you're lucky i went to my blog and checked the notes after my nap bc that damn photoset took off now there's a bunch of people informing me of WHY aranea didn't restore his eyesight i'm sure there's a logical reason and i'm sure it'll come up again later bc hussie doesn't just forget stuff like this but come on i'm allow
art this show is why i have no life art: supernatural at least i think i'm amusing quality fucking art i just really wanted to draw sams bitchfaces team free will is free and awesome weak-willed against my dorky side the moose runs this shit