• i just- •
when a person think they’re a bigger fan just because they started enjoying/watching something earlier than you
I’ve got 99 problems and they’re all college. 
  • Me:*doesnt eat*
  • Stomach:*hurts*
  • Me:*eatS*
  • Stomach:*also hurts*
  • Me:ok u know what. fuck you
  • Character 1 from OTP:Hey.
  • Character 2 from OTP:Hello.
  • Me:Their sexual tension is killing me
I just realized..
They showed to us Kingdom Hearts 3 At E3 on the year 2013… 3..3..3 THEY PLANNED THIS ALL ALONG
* Avatar legend of korra can i just bumi CAN. I. JUST.
so i just saw this on facebook and i just
Adventure Time okay marshall lee fionna i just Prince Gumball I just really like prince gumball
The How I Met Your Mother finale was like everything I never wanted plus everything I never knew I never wanted.  
glee Sketch i don't know anymore glee sketch Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks ? Just... don't ask omg i forgot the just xD
~ glee i just
my mom just came into my room and noticed my desktop background and said “oh that’s so cute i think i recognize it from somewhere did you draw that when you were younger?” mom
how am I supposed to focus when these two people have made another person?
i suck at comforting others bc half of the time my responses are ‘I’m sorry’ and the other half is me doing this ‘:(‘
Thought you guys might want to hear this. Today at work, I was getting a table ready for a large party. I went up to an old man sitting alone and asked if I could use the empty chair across from him. He sweetly said, “Sorry, I’d rather you not. I like to pretend my wife is still here, si...
frank iero i just
my mom just made me show her the video i posted of her pronouncing “les mis” and she saw that it had 5000 notes and now she thinks she’s “the fucking queen of tumblr”
Harry Styles i just
Why do people who live in England not like living in England?