• i just •
Adventure Time okay marshall lee fionna i just Prince Gumball I just really like prince gumball
  • Character 1 from OTP:Hey.
  • Character 2 from OTP:Hello.
  • Me:Their sexual tension is killing me
* Avatar legend of korra can i just bumi CAN. I. JUST.
glee Sketch i don't know anymore glee sketch Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks ? Just... don't ask omg i forgot the just xD
  • person:but that ship doesn't make sense because that character already likes someone else..
  • me:shhh do you hear that?
  • me:it's the winds of me not giving a fuck
  • me:(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧。*・゜゜・✧。・゜゜・。*。・゜*✧
Thought you guys might want to hear this. Today at work, I was getting a table ready for a large party. I went up to an old man sitting alone and asked if I could use the empty chair across from him. He sweetly said, “Sorry, I’d rather you not. I like to pretend my wife is still here, si...
do you have that one ship that has completely ruined you and left you emotionally traumatized in every way possible for the rest of your life or is that just me
i just
Benedict Cumberbatch I don't know what he just said I'm just the giffer ok
Alex Turner am gifs just pluck your eyebrows jfc i should just stop procrastinating now
Just because I have a ''Fit tumblr'' does not mean that I always do everything right . It doesn't me...
once i convinced an american guy that purple (the color) didn’t exist in canada i pointed to someone’s purple shirt and asked him ‘what’s that?’ pretending that i had never seen that color before in my life.? he got so confused and then he got really intense and concern...
i only wash my hair with bottled water ?
i cant- i dont know what im doing i just- ngfs
confession time i have a deep, guilty love of Highschool AUs ?
if you’re my close friend you better believe that i pretty much brag about your whole existence to everyone anytime you’re not around
glee heya brittana can i just ~heya
simon pegg star trek chris pine i give up star trek xii just fuck you I JUST GIVE UP