• i love my glasses •
glasses problems
when they fog up after u get off the bus and u blind for like 17 secondswhen you clean them on some cloth u found and the lenses become dirtier and u kno u a failurewhen they fall off ur face when u exercised for oncewhen u accidentally smudge the lenses and u feel like hell has a place for uwhen th...
gif 1k Demi Lovato 1-DAY ACUVUE i love u in glasses
photoshoot mine louis bts glasses *5k stylinnuendo soft fringe bulletproofhalo his smile lights my life i love him in glasses and smiling my god this was a golden time wasn't it
photoset gif 1k glasses love you bye sweetheart Hannah Hart Either/or i'm gonna shut up now i can't even pretend that this isn't for my own enjoyment please wear your glasses more often or marry me i'm cool with both and stare at this 'til the day i die
my gif fall out boy Patrick Stump gif:fob gif:patrick the way he pushes back his glasses paTRICK I LOVE YOU
gif 1k glasses shinee jonghyun kim jonghyun 2k keke rinn ultimate cutie i have so many spares and extra i will prob do an OT5 in the end because they simply look so good in glasses i love jonghyun in one fine day with those glasses bias list ruiner jjong puppy im weak to men in glasses esp shinee shinee in glasses the resol of some pics are really not too good so pardon the inconsistency shall update the links for the others as i go along
mom also dem glasses
gifs my prince i love it jimin i love you very much Bangtan your smile is so beautiful beanie jimin the sweetest and most charming jimin is just too cute with glasses and beanie seriously i cant stop smiling too it's so contagious
cute glasses legend of korra lok Bolin i post bolinfanboys i love him with glasses too bolin is da cutey wit da booty
goth Unique glasses porn gothgoth goth glasses
*** rashida jones our idiot brother I love you and those glasses
1k ~ Benedict Cumberbatch bcplus just because i LOVE those glasses
gif hot glasses Laura Prepon oitnb Orange is the new Black Alex Vause i love alex
having crushes on celebrities is way safer than falling in love with a person that’s attainable
my gif gif kristen stewart kstewedit chanel show i love how she looks with the glasses
When your friends asks you for advice
You have come to the right place
hetalia sorta APH Sweden APH Finland SuFin APH Sealand and im not sure why this is exactly how i view their entire relationship i had no idea how to color this so i just shaded it but wow i love the sufin family its like the cutest thing in all of hetalia i didnt draw berwalds glasses
my gif 1k gif:fob i hope this makes sense mine:patrick the best reaction oh my god i love how he's obviously having an innuendo moment there but he just kinda shrugs it off and adjusts his glasses like a gentleman
love Black and White Casal pictures glasses car