• i made this before i... •
following a group of friends who talk to each other all the time and just sitting there like
aaaa toastpost i made this before but i lost it
when your selfie gets more than 5 notes
when you accidentally do something really stupid
hydrogen. helium. lithium. beryllium. only the avatar can master all 118 elements
mygif sakamichi no apollon kids on the slope someone probably made this before i dont kno
when u go on someone’s blog and the text is tiny af
yolo unless you’re on Supernatural
bookstores are great like you’re surrounded by so many books of so many different kinds and you can spend hours just looking for ones you like and then sometimes there’re little coffee shops in them so you can sit down with a book and drink some coffee or tea and eat biscotti and bOOKSTO...
time dying stuff i made craig ferguson every how have i not done this set before? this fucking line does this need to be said?
swaggin my way downtown twerkin fast bitches pass and im hoodbound
nog nog whos there egg
* glee rachel berry finn hudson finchel finn x rachel jess and jenna made me do it i know someone made something like this before i'm sorry
mine 5k studio ghibli Howls Moving Castle hmc studioghibligif i'm starting to lose track of what gifs i've made like have i made this gif before???
harry potter hp made by me 2 hpedit feel like this has prob been done before and i don't watch doctor who but i love this quote so!!!
my gifs danisnotonfire I TRIED OK this took me almost 3 hours because i never made anything like this before
1k *** les miserables courfeyrac gavroche Daniel Huttlestone Fra Fee i know this has been made before but i couldn't help myself ._.
yato noragami Hiyori Iki edits:noragami yatori IT'S ABOUT TIME I MADE A YATORI EDIT i hope nobody did this before tho o:
mine I made this last night xfactor days smitten kittens harry control yourself but i fell sleep before uploading it lmao