• i need to find a better •
I need to be a better Muslim.
mine exo Kai exo k jongin Kyungsoo baekhyun d.o chanyeol kaisoo loll the last one's not really him cooking but it's the closest thing i can find rn orz update again when i can find a better video to gif
I think the Doctor Who people need to find a new beach.
It’s killing the majority of us to have to see Badwolf Bay over and over again.
gif LOL cats pfbs god i need to learn to tag better
Niall Horan bby tastyedits ok i knoW i'll stOP WITH THIS VID he's such a bastard i luv it omg sorry for the bad quality cba to find a better quality vid sigh
my stuff Arthur Pendragon Merlin this took a long time fandom: merlin and so many layers cause i used a tutorial for the base hopefully i can make more things like this now i just need to find texture packs
my gif once upon a time Belle red riding hood meghan ory ouat Emilie de Ravin red beauty i wanted this to be so mcuh better than it turned out sorry its poopy these two need moar scenes together can you tell im really looking forward to this episode
otp doodle hey did u kno solara is a car 8'-) i'm just trying to find arts of them sob i need more johndave too
harry potter Illustration Black and White birds dark books The End story ghost
love relationship boyfriend ldr long distance long distance relationship i love you waiting i need you to find this
teef Reposted for better quality. HAHAHAHAHA OH GOD I NEED THE LEGION TO COME FIX MY TEETH Endling
I need to be skinny. I need to be skinny. I need to be skinny. I need to be skinny. I need to be ski...
I can’t express how sad this makes me to see all these notes.. Im letting you know you aren’t alone feel free to inbox me at anytime..
homestuck vriska thing i made this is so crappy i'm sorry i need to get better at art so mucH SO MUCH AGHHHHH
mine supernatural x destiel DEANCAS my graphics i need to structure my gifsets better bc rly i just made these at random
my gifs doctor who doctor who spoilers whee pin light it's pin light sunday folks i like this season a lot better already because moffat is learning a small lesson in subtlety
exo tao gif:exo EXO-K EXO-M Kai sehun Luhan Lay jongin perhaps Kris Chen Xiu Min D.O. Kyungsoo baekhyun suho chanyeol ot12 pb:exo took me two good hours to finish this am never going to do this again... i can write a long essay to describe each member lol just look at luhan and his pose never change pls lulu and baekhyun...it's impossible to find that kind of picture after his debut actually this is not supposed to take so much time but bc i need to find the exact/similar pose like their pre-debut pics so yeah
Here’s the Korra SDCC 2012 video! I’ll try to fi...
mine fun. one foot i tried?