• i need to find a better •
Harry Styles One Direction mine 1D MY EDIT beanie psd fan pic when was this i need to find a better
gif 1k my gifs mine night blue clouds 2k 5 Centimeters Per Second 5cm per second 5 centimetres per second i trei i need to find a place to get better quality videos but i guess i'm not complaining atm
mine hayley williams paramore Playing God 500* 1k* paramoreedit 100* 2k* 3k* paramore* hayley* the cure to boredom is to open an old picture in photoshop and spend 30 minutes wondering what looks better: 50% or 51% opacity i need to find a better hobby
I will run my fingertips up and down your arms until your eyes flutter close. I will whisper sweet nothings into your ear until you fall as...
I need to be a better Muslim.
baby cute taylor swift Live Performances swiftie miomio tay swift mo1k gifmi tayloraz idk...the gifs suck sorry i need to find better quality videos
RWBY rwby spoilers glynda goodwitch kuv3ra's gifsets RWBY volume 2 rwby2 rwby2 spoilers I'm sorry Sun just makes me laugh just standing in the background. I need to find a better way to download these episodes in better quality ugh. That animation tho.
1k * my gifs Captain America Steve Rogers bucky barnes stucky capedit STUCKY AU IDK WHY I NEED THIS BUT I NEED IT pretty sure there's a better scene than the one in fantastic 4 but ehhhh... 2lazy to find ive been planning this gifset for the last 2 months....i crazy
boop kuroko no basuke kuroko no basket Kise Ryouta kisesbubblebutt 2K NO i finished this set but not your actual set amazing isn't it? omg i'm sorry yOU'VE WAITED FOR SUCH A LONG TIME but it will be done maybe by...thursday ouo i just need to find the right caps bc i'm picky i'M SORRY!!!!!! your blackhaired!kise set will be better i promise do you want an aokise set? i don't mind doing it since i owe you so much ; u ;
Julie Andrews photoset* film* Thoroughly Modern Millie foooolintherain ifyoureachfortheheavens jules stared at the camera bf it was cool ugh i need to find this in better quality bc this one sucks
1k my gifs mine 7k Jensen Ackles 5k 2k 10k 4k 9k 6k 3k 8k jus in bello spn cast 11k 12k jibcon jib6 i really need to find better footage for these but hey at least people film at all
gifs omfg 2ne1 dara sandara gifs:2ne1 Park Sandara i need to find a new company to stan
I promise I’ll find better things to do on a Saturday ...
harry potter made by me 2 gif: hp hpedit the reckless and the queue i just find this hilarious like why albus don't you have better things to worry about like a dark wizard taking over the world but no we need to concern ourselves with the fact that harry likes girls
Why, I’m Henry’s third cousin’s brother’s wife’s step-niece’s great aunt. Twice removed.
I think the Doctor Who people need to find a new beach.
It’s killing the majority of us to have to see Badwolf Bay over and over again.
mine exo Kai exo k jongin Kyungsoo baekhyun d.o chanyeol kaisoo loll the last one's not really him cooking but it's the closest thing i can find rn orz update again when i can find a better video to gif
my gif my gifs high Love and Hip Hop Atlanta erica pinkett the font is small oh well i need to make a better psd too
g15 i need a better quality video