• i predicted this months ago bye •
gif 1k spoilers mine ra's al ghul oliver queen arrowedit oliverqueenedit smoakingarrownetwork i predicted this months ago bye
spoilers homestuck reddit uu calliope
my gif mine supernatural ok bye wincest idk what this is samedit spnedit deanedit wincestedit and in the first gif my dirty mind thought it was incesty okay idk i made this months ago and never posted its horrible no need to remind me
my gif harry potter mine harry potter* i started this months ago lol
Uzumaki Naruto Naruto Shippuuden can't remember what this is from i made these months ago
edit exo baekhyun goodbye friends edit:bbh my finger slipped 3 months ago when i made this and now my finger slipped again actually posting it hoW DID I FORGET THAT I DID THIS SHIT HE LOOKS SO GOOD FML i'd give him all my oreos lmao bye :-)
* *gif edward elric Winry Rockbell Fullmetal Alchemist fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood gif warning FMA: Brotherhood ch: edward elric fmaedit ch: winry rockbell episode22 i will give you everything i have to give episode16 episode37 i did th exact same edit a few months ago on m old blog but this time its a gif idk i dont have any ideas for editing anymore lmao im going to sleep bye
playing monopoly with my relatives like 
iron man Marvel pepper pots marveledit yasgifs she hot bye now ive reaaaally gotta go gonna watch me some frankenstein oooh tumblr look at all the cyan. you having a heart attack? oh i forgot they fixed that months ago
i made this months ago idk what i was doing with my life
just imagine sam and dean roasting marshmallows over a burning corpse
Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t bother to learn anything about you.
writing freeparadise I found this from like 2 months ago and I think it's kinda important idk
who else is dtf (down to fight)
it’s got to the point where any 1d news just make me go “…right” as i pour myself another drink
~ lea michele i already made one of these like 5 months ago but this one is way better shes so stupid
I really want a mini pocket sized John Green to whisper words of wisdom to me in times of need. 
I don’t want to Grow Up. I want to smoke with my friends in backyards lit by candles and play word association games and drink the entire bo...