• i realize this has been done but i was more than halfway finished by the time i found out eep ; v; •
** impulse young justice kid flash wally west bart allen flash fam i realize this has been done but i was more than halfway finished by the time i found out eep ; v;
gif 1k mine castle nathan fillion stana katic 500 caskett Mine: Castle castleedit long post oops plus things she would have loved queue i started this monday night but gave up halfway 'cause i was too busy replaying the end scene over and over :)))) finally finished it though there were more but i left some of 'em out
kurt hummel glee tv: glee mine: gif character: kurt hummel remember when kurt was just that gay kid that was too ashamed and scared to come out and gave up solos for his father because he loved him more than being a star and would do anything for him and had no friends and was bullied every day look how strong and brave and kind and amazing he is and always has been i just wow look at the friends he has the things he's done and achieved the love he's found holy fuck i am proud of kurt hummel
cat gore kitten help animal cruelty smokey Peta animal abuse
cat persian cat meow pastel tim walker
bts myart Bangtan suga rap monster j-hope i wanted to draw the rest of the group but i cannot draw more than three people at a time
Steve Rogers bucky barnes i dont know if this has been done but i found the othe one foxy grandpas
fashion flowers sewing fall flower fairy
crafts bubbles Action figures Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Qhuinn finduilasclln sinyhale lizponce
my gifs Jimmy Kimmel Live Kevin Spacey christoph waltz ameowadeus I know it's been done like a million times but I was already halfway done so i wasn't gonna stop
love relationships romance lifestyle heartbreak lavinia
One Direction lotsofnotes The Wanted
blood sollux captor aradia megido umeni who knows tw: blood solluxxaradia solara ghost shipping het OTP ahoy posting it while I still like it I have a feeling this idea has already been done
gif wayfield I took out a few frames to make it smoother also this has probably been done before too but idk the last time I said that I got 10k notes
1k Benedict Cumberbatch matthew goode food cw gif'd the imitation game THIS HAS BEEN IN MY DRAFTS FOR MORE THAN A WEEK AND I WAS GONNA POST TODAY BUT I SAW SOMEONE ELSE HAS POSTED A SET w/e at least my subtitles
pokemon pkmn Magikarp pokemon fanart pokemon variations look how I spend my time lol this was actually kinda fun but it took a while I accidentally wrote luvdick instead of luvdisc and it took me a while to realize it and change it! dodged a bullet there sharpedo is my fave
dragon age 2 anders hawke like a falls to the ground handers It's the first time i've ever done a comic page FORMAL comic page and it's still all wrong but i learned a lot I have defeated this one. I am now free to draw other things
1k mine kurt hummel glee glee spoilers 5x15 bash m:glee i kind of dislike this coloring but by the time i realized this i was halfway through making it