• i realize this has been done but i was more than halfway finished by the time i found out eep ; v; •
** impulse young justice kid flash wally west bart allen flash fam i realize this has been done but i was more than halfway finished by the time i found out eep ; v;
kurt hummel glee tv: glee mine: gif character: kurt hummel remember when kurt was just that gay kid that was too ashamed and scared to come out and gave up solos for his father because he loved him more than being a star and would do anything for him and had no friends and was bullied every day look how strong and brave and kind and amazing he is and always has been i just wow look at the friends he has the things he's done and achieved the love he's found holy fuck i am proud of kurt hummel
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One Direction lotsofnotes The Wanted
my gifs Jimmy Kimmel Live Kevin Spacey christoph waltz ameowadeus I know it's been done like a million times but I was already halfway done so i wasn't gonna stop
blood sollux captor aradia megido umeni who knows tw: blood solluxxaradia solara ghost shipping het OTP ahoy posting it while I still like it I have a feeling this idea has already been done
making a tumblr was simultaneously the worst and best decision of my life but mostly the worst
gif edit exo gif:exo edit:exo i dont know what i did. i made the logo in illustrator yesterday and ;;;;v;;;;;; OTL i finished this in time for the hd pic of the logo to come out OTL I SHOULDVE FINISHED THIS YESTERDAY OTL but A+++++ for me becaue this looks exactly like the real logo ;v;;
1k mine dw Tenth Doctor fourth doctor Classic Who Sarah Jane Smith the sarah jane adventures dw parallels otp: don't forget me i know this has been done a lot but i've never seen it in this order probably because this order is wrong but i think it highlights the parallels and role reversal i know that the doctor was always very fond of sarah and in their first goodbye when she asks him not to forget him he brushes it off 'oh sarah don't you forget me' as in 'of course i won't don't be silly' but later when he's the tenth doctor.. he's REALLY asking he's the one who needs to be reassured because this time he is the one who is losing more he may be a huge part of sarah's life but she has a family now and by this point the tenth doctor has lost his and i think his plea not to be forgotten by sarah in particular proves that it took all that time losing everyone losing his sarah jane and seeing how much she achieved all on her own for the doctor to realise how important she was (and not just to him)
gifs Alex Turner AND I JUST and your eyes ive been listening to abwbimh the whole day and i cant stop thinking about how you felt while listening to it i already found it sososo lovely when i saw you wearing bill's shirt even before i listened to his music and now that means a lot more to me his music is so painfully beautiful (this must be like the 5th time im saying this) and i cant stop thinking about how that affected you (sometimes i listen to the songs that remind me of you and i cant!! stop thinking about how these songs affect you) so!! anyway i had to gif this video i'm pretty sure it has already been giffed it was so hard to finish because i cant stop looking at the way your fingers are intertwined and then you press them more against each other how can every single detail about you be so beautiful also the way you try to avoid the camera im so so sorry i promise im gonna try not to write a monologue in the tags again but i CANt help it i need to say these things i love everything everything everything about you every single detail
Sterek thanks to jelly for helping me figure out how to livestream now lets never do that again i am horrified by how slow i am iwatching me must have been like watching paint dry
my gif baby bap b.a.p zelo choi junhong eep it took me so long to figure out what to say and now im super embarrassed puking noises i hope no one actually takes the time to read this but anyway happy birthday my precious baby i love you so much ;3;
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:) the mortal instruments isabelle lightwood mine: gif City of Bones this has probably already been done but w/e tmiedit ok so story time i made this a while ago based on that audio post that was floating around but tumblr wouldn't upload it no matter what i did so i remade it finally here
1k ** ps fob fall out boy Patrick Stump candy told me to post this the coloring is like b- or c+ at best i even tried a psd it didnt agree w the gif this video ruined my life this video was 480p and normally i wOuldnt even think about giffing 480p but. soul punk patrick is very important to me + the action made the gif more high quality than it woudlve been had i not used it
homestuck Dirk Strider yeah i finished meulins but i dont want to upload it right away its in the queue also the blood drip is orange cuz red didnt look good STILL NOT HAPPY WITH THIS BUT WHATEVER if i spend more time on it ill just ruin it more and waste time
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According to sources say EXO has ALREADY FINISHED filming their comeback MV. They used 7 film studio...
(dead tired wolves filming new MV)  cr:@KSYeon_125 trans: 12miracles