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It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.
cat haha cute sexy IT'S PERFECT irresistible hairless cat i mean look at it i hope this gets notes it's too great not to
me: thinks about you literally all day
Harry Styles :3 one direction: a year in the making this took ages but it was definitely worth because i love him so much i cry at nights bYE I just really really rEALLY HOPE YOU LIKE IT and i hope it makes you cRY
X-Men: but Professor, you must stop these meetings with our arch-nemesis, Magneto! he’s a bad guy! Professor X:
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Niall’s into collecting pens, that’s actually one of his hobbies he collects good, nice pens.
  • person:what's Tomorrowland about?
  • Disney:¯\_(ツ)_/¯
myedits percy jackson l o l annabeth chase percy jackson and the olympians Grover Underwood the sea of monsters TYSON creys this is so horrible omg gsblkgsdfgs well ok i am in a percy jackson mood today wee~~~~~ i hope it gets notes HA HA HA idk man i was bored lol ok that is all i tag too much apparently
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1k carmilla carmilla the series carmillaedit SaveCarmilla carmillacast i really hope this gets notes because it took forever omg i know it doesn't look that great but i hope my idea conveys well
mine mine: gif psych Shawn Spencer burton guster shawn and gus mine: psych Psych USA psychedit so when i screencapped this and wrote down notes i put down fake coughs but that was like a month ago so i hope it was a fake cough
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