• i sold my soul to saTAN for this edit •
Graphic bnw save him tkg tgedit i sold my soul to saTAN for this edit the bottom edit is 81 frames please watch till the end :") um i guess this sort of passes as
i did it i checked my privilege
how do you expect me to check myself when i have already wrecked myself
i love it when people make those comments like “i don’t listen to any of the mainstream “”“”music”“”” (ugh if it can even be called that) because every song is about drugs or partying or sex or something no i listen to vocaloid because ever...
gifs my stuff parks and rec ben wyatt parksedit benwyattedit im pretty sure i sold my soul to make this gifset ngl and yes im aware the colouring is horrible but i have been making this for hours and i cba anymore
the walking dead Rick Grimes carl grimes twdedit I Sold My Soul to the Devil
homestuck John Egbert upd8 help ive sold my soul to this webcomic
  • kpop:sell your soul to me
  • me:what do i get in return
  • kpop:a lot of feels
  • me:
  • kpop:and beautiful men
  • me:
  • kpop:gay beautiful men
  • me:alright
1k disney whatever whoops disneygif type:gif wreck it ralph Disneyedit wirgraphic 5 movie challenge *wreck it ralph i sold my soul for vibrance layers IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PASTEL
MY EDIT mangacap rin Ao no exorcist blue exorcist rin okumura husbando Okumura Rin Shonen son of satan
Aomine Daiki knb minori's junk holy cow how the hell did this even get to 5k?!?!?!?!
my gif my edits my gifs still weird MY EDIT :( soul eater Maka Maka Albarn soul eater evans LIKE THIS MakaxSoul SoulxMaka soma long post too long se gif ahg se gifs it was a long post too long for tumblr and i have to cut it HOW I EVER THINK
* gifs like ... but maggie greene twd spoilers twdedit tara chambler tara x maggie BUT LISTEN maggara otp: you're here with us now otp: you are one of the most important people in the world to me maggaraedit sold my soul tbh how can you not ship these wonderful ladies in any way to be honest I'LL FOLLOW YOUR LEAD are u kiddin ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT i thought about you... you tell me what YOU wanna do because what you want matters because noah was your friend they have equal amounts of trust and respect for each other and it's killing me and giving me life in the same breath this is never gonna stop also lets not mention the 'okay? okay.' part i mean i JUST mentioned it
my edits soul eater Maka Albarn soul eater evans soma another edit! sorry i've been missing from tumblr lately but wow that last soul eater chapter gave me some major feelings my favorite babiessss (also wow they need to kiss) (i would honestly settle for just some confirmation of romantic feelings at this point!!!) (shounen is the worst)
1k haha :D MY EDIT 2k Bradley James Arthur Pendragon Merlin BBC Merlin colin morgan merthur merlin x arthur merlinedit idiots in love merlin edit merthuredit merthur edit is this happy enough for you??? or am I still satan?
My art mermaid free! makoto tachibana haruka nanase makoharu Free! Eternal summer this sold out so much faster than i thought had to make last minute printing the next day lol
** taissa farmiga 1000plus light of my life i can sell soul to the devil for this photoshoot in hd
mine MY EDIT lmao screencap Personal black parks and recreation parks and rec hehehe tom haverford Jerry jean ralphio one of my favorite scenes like my soul my favorite color i made this in like two minutes don't judge me tbh i made this for myself