• i spent the whole day on this but •
art artwork shit hl i acciDENTALLy spent a whoLe day on this hhssshaaaaJHaaa................... anyHOW!!!!!!!i was really in the mood for drawing a uni!au i rly dont know why but here it i s
1k jb *gifs Jackson youngjae jr Mark bambam got7 yugyeom g(ot7) i spent the whole day on this but the quality still came out bad oh man im done with photoshop tho bc it keeps dying so pls ignore how bad this is lol
1k 2k 4k Hockey nhl 3k post: mine long post for ts hockeyedit toewscrosby game: nhl flashing gif tw evgeniemalkin i spent forever on it post: misc yikes i spent like a whole week on this and the longer i look at it the less i like it but again
gems Gemstones SU steven universe gemsona this better get notes i spent my whole!!! day!!! doing this
1k boa Key shinee mygifs4 when this came out i spent the whole fucking day shipping key with boa bc THE FUCKING CHEMISTRY UGGHAPOSIEJPSDF most flawless people
snk i spent lik e 4 whole minutes on this but it really expresses my emotions in ways that normal posts just do not do
This comic is terrible and so are my life choices. You have my permission to scold me. Legout really does exist though—-> click this and this
1k the l word 2k 3k tlw pls laugh at my joke i spent a whole 2 minutes on this
mine Shameless the gallaghers shawn-hunters holy fuCK this took me all day the worst people in the whole universe^^^ i'm sure i could fidn a better quote but idk i love that one :'))) i really hope this looks okay i spent so long on it
the hobbit bagginshield seriously I have like a whole set of bagginshield here in my folder
motion graphics tf2
doctor who mine dw Eleven ten dwedit clara oswin oswald i don't know what's wrong with me today i can't quality sorry i feel like i spent whole day on this
james potter manips mera* arrogantbullyingtoerag editing glasses is the bane of my existence I spent my whole afternoon on this I hope you're pleased I apologize for how crappy some of these are but my eyes hurt
mygifs robert downey jr. iron man tony stark rdj Iron Man 3 IM3 ok I was planing on a whole set for this but then coloring it with other scenes from the trailer is so fucking impossible I spent 3 HOURS to make a whole set but nothing works so after 3 hours I can't just delete it it's irritating that each scene has a different coloring -.- so here it's and whatever
anime *graphic *all shinsekai yori shin sekai yori from the new world *animanga recs so many ways 2 spell this ok aka the anime that will majorly fuck with your mind why isn't this more popular i don't understand i spend the whole day watching this bc i couldn't stop also knows as i had boredom and wasn't in the mood to do any of the 200 other things i should be doing but yes you should check this anime out stunning animation and i don't think i've ever watched one with a more beautiful soundtrack than this a little bit slow paced at first and it's quite hard to get into it but it's so worth it psychological anime are all i need to keep me going *shinsekai yori is there even a word uglier than animanga i might change the title later *spent *known shitty spelling mistakes i blame that on my sleep deprived mind
Harry Styles Niall Horan * narry au narry storan that's all mineau don't blame me for the quality blame tumblr :-) before someone ask this kid is jimmy kimmel nephew and his name is edward and if you wan if you want to see him ~his name is wesley~ just look for //the baby bachelor// on youtube i spent my whole day doing this ugh and i really really really hate tumblr and photoshop right now
queue game of thrones A Song of Ice and Fire House Stark graphic* played around with this one a lot but to be honest the thing that I'm most proud of is the fact that I typed that whole thing out from the appendix 'time well spent'? probably just 'time spent'
louis tomlinson 1k * gif* lolz so reblog it *lt shittiest edit EVER i spent the whole day making this though