• i stopped watching after they started the questions i have a short attention span •
1k Daniel Radcliffe my gifs vogue MY EDIT dan radcliffe danrad Dan* danradedit after watching this approximately TEN TIMES i know have a headache but okay okay it was worth it i just picked my favorites
mine Kellin Quinn sleeping with sirens notes
my posts gifset gilmore girls rory gilmore Paris Geller i had stopped watching the show at this point but i made a point of finding this scene AND THEN RORY AND PARIS LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND BOUGHT A TREADMILL TOGETHER
Zayn Malik gifset i just couldn't i stopped watching the video after this
mine harry hgif i have such a short attention span rip i need to do my work
My art soul eater Maka Albarn soul eater evans i made maka too short damn
representation Lucy Liu watch! elementary elementasquee long post
disney Aurora ursula mermaid Jafar Maleficent Character Design Genie carpet Matt Rhodes disneypocalypse
scary creepy God religion science creepypasta creepy pasta experiments sensory deprivation
mine how i met your mother Robin Scherbatsky barney stinson barney x robin and I started crying
logan lerman lermanlogan
heath ledger Christopher Nolan i can't believe it's been 5 years.
creepy horror story creepypasta russian sleep experiment
homophobia donations please donate gofundme i don't know what to tag
star wars John Boyega star wars rebels The Force Awakens blackstormtrooper
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the hobbit long post giveaways by thea i'm nervous i've never done this before i never though i would tbh but botfa is close and while i hope to hobbit fandom will still be alive and well for several years i just want to say thank you now that we're all still here and have so much new stuff still ahead of us :) (i will be reblogging this from time to time so if you don't want to see this just block the post or blacklist 'giveaways by thea')
My art fanfic thorkiedit THANK YOU BBY SatansSin Remember some time ago we were talking about a blind!Loki it's so tragic and beautiful at the same time and she wrote it for me i still adore it