• i think he meant six flags park here •
tao thanks zitao yes pls ask him this kind of questions more im sure he has a lot of cute and precious things to tell us ppl hate him and he dont give a fuck. we all got it already we need new infos i think he meant six flags park here how the fuck disney land is scary??
fun ride amusement park Theme Park roller coaster rollercoaster coaster six flags intamin bizzaro six flags new england
you know what sooooo you do you @everyone bitching about rainbow flags - do y'all not remember this or...? i mean he did it five times so you think it'd stick in your brain that obviously he welcomes rainbow flags and he's one half of the ship that apparently is so offended by the rainbow flags
Theme Park rollercoaster six flags monks monk tibet
bald stories bgrp2sub
gif 1k vixx kcon HongBin hakyeon jaehwan taekwoon sanghyuk wonshik mine:vixx chad future in here too......sabotaging them!!!! hakyeon def knew what that meant i think he wanted laughs from his children they just think ur dumb lmAO
mine summer fun quality six flags finntaculous six flags america
:) 1k mine gif* six flags Cameron Dallas i love how this came out taylor caniff shawn mendes carter reynolds magcon matt espinosa v: shawn Aaron Carpenter v: matt v: carter v: cameron v: taylor v: aaron
me girl cute film mine summer hipster six flags tealcantdance
star trek deforest kelley william shatner star trek tos gifs: star trek gifs: tv gifs: star trek tos I think he meant the scene De
kim kardashian Blac Chyna six flags insta BCInstagram
mine edit exo Yeol chanyeol park chanyeol happy virus he looks so good i think im gonna cry
1D Niall six flags
We must never ever forget when Three Six Mafia won the Oscar...
mine quality six flags waterpark coasters
supernatural destiel DEANCAS spn edit spn spoilers spnedit now i'm not impying anything here but i totally am its the exact same face though and one of these scenes is canon that dean is using his 'you're attractive' flirty face so what am i supposed to think when its the exact same face as when he sees cas all suited up? i wrote 9x07 instead of 8x07 shit i've corrected it though you all knew what i meant anyway
mygifs mine exo exo k CE bye chanyeol xxxxk he looks tired af jangsoo shop OMgGggGggG I'M SOOOO EXCITED HE'S SOOOO cUTE AND SOOOO TALLLLLLLLL I MISS HUGGinG taLL bOYs LiKE cHANyeOl :((((((((((( I NEED a ByOfrIEnd LMAo gonna support the shit out of his movie and i hope it gets played here in my city too ;u; this was filmed during tlp tour :(((((( or maybe i'm just not used to seeing his eyes being tightlined w/ eyeliner anymore?? idk also a gold-star to chanyeol's mua bc she always makes his eyeliner look SOOOO natural and pretty *u* GONNA GO CRY IN THE CORNER BC PCY IS NOT MY BF aND LYFE IS CRUEL & UNFAIR lmao and i meant **not used to seeing his eyes wITHOUT tightlined eyeliner***
idk man suicide silence mitch lucker i think he looks cute here
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