• i wanna see his face •
lady gaga i wanna see gaga's face now
* Ryan Gosling Dane DeHaan the place beyond the pines absolutely terrible danedehaanedit yeah. yeah! yeah? yeah.
gif 1k Harry Styles 5k wwatna fullbun so much MAN HAPPENING HERE he looks even more like a model with that bun imo his features get more prominent and you can really appreciate his bone structure and in b/w you see it really clearly i find it so beautiful the way the lights hit his face i wanna photograph him right NOW
1k my gifs avan jogia because of reasons look at his face twisted i wanna cry danny desai i wanted to gif this again
MY EDIT vips ji i wanna see his face i seriously don't understand how cool and calm they were even that girl who screamed she was able to continue the convo like it's nothing AND THIS FAN IS SO AWESOME vji my ji edit btw the other female fan is so annoying ji was right to hang up on her
  • paul rudd:*does literally anything*
  • me:IN HIS LIFE
1k mine exo gif:exo Lay yixing lovelyedit i wanna watch this show just his face look at his face
mine dean winchester spnedit smile: jensen HIS FACE IS SO GLORIOUS I WANNA STARE AT IT FOREVER
** mine the maine john o'callaghan john ohh john ocallaghan John Ohhh thefifthjohn johnmaine mainedit his smile is everything to me i wanna punch you in the face
1k One Direction Zayn Malik ** $ zmedits i just wanted to see his pretty face
gif justin bieber you cant see half of his face lmao sorry but i had to gif it bc his SMILE :(
1k * gifs random 500 Daredevil Matt Murdock marveledit daredeviledit mattmurdockedit I JUST WANNA HUG HIM SO BAD look at his sad little face :c also sorry about these crap gifs but eh
As far as I’m concerned, Levi being born on Christmas implies that he’s a gift to humanity and that’s really gosh diddly darn adorable
MY EDIT the walking dead Rick Grimes Glenn Rhee twdedit gore cw zombies cw feel free to delete this dumb caption I'M JUST STEVEN'S FACES ARE EVERYTHING JFC (that growling face is me on tuesdays btw) i just want to gif THE WHOLE 'GUTS' jesus christ nostalgia kills YOU KNOW WHAT'S ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ABOUT EARLY SEASONS GLENN?? HE'S THIS EPIC BADASS HERO IN DISGUISE his heroism his courage his weapon and his getting shit done in the end IS IN HIS SMARTNESS what merle said (and so many others I'M MAKING A GIFSET ON THE MATTER when life stops being hectic EVERYONE GUSHES OVER GLENN AND THEY SHOULD BYE): he's sneaky smart little thing he does not scare easily AND IT'S THIS CLEVERNESS IN COURAGE AND STRATEGY IN HEROISM THAT WILL MAKE HIM WIN IN THE END we don't get to see him that much with guns with knives at first BUT WE GET TO SEE HIM PLANNING AND OUTSMARTING EVERYONE we get to see him quick thinking and responding not in acts of violence but intelligence first and foremost :-D lso all i want is to steven to be in stuff with simon pegg and nick frost *BATMAN'S VOICE* WHERE IS IT
i need water Jordan Calloway he can get it any time i wanna ride his face
supernatural sam winchester Jared Padalecki Mine 4 supernatural 7 sam winchester 2 god my tags are complicated uiashj so i opened a random episode and giffed a random scene all the puppy face tho i wanna run my hands through his hair omfg
I bet EXO were secretly laughing at us during their debut whenever people talked about how gorgeous ...
pictures/gifs not mine
gif 1k tangled disney Rapunzel ugh Flynn Rider Eugene Fitzherbert tangled* I SEE THE LIGHT every time i see this movie i fall in love with everything it's just so beautiful and i just crrrrrrrrrrryyyy THE TENDER LOOK ON HIS FACE!!!!!!!!!! KILL ME
newgifs richard armitage ryangoslings mrbilbos he was just so much happier this time around and cute and i wanna punch his face for being the way he is :))))) he was being himself and nxt he'll be dancing on tables yas baby yassss...ily