• i want a bb pinata •
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at hannibal lecter’s birthday bash, someone doesn’t jump out of a cake. they are just baked into it.
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woohyun happy birthday bb gif:all gif:infinite gif:woohyun justwoohyun i'm sorry i couldn't make a better post i want to type something meaningful but i just suck at wording everything so i wish you the best of birthdays wooyhun ssi this better publish at the right time ;u; kim sung queue
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Benedict Cumberbatch tom hiddleston JUST BRINGING THIS BACK YO i want all of Tom's Reichenfeels please dissertation time bb BeneTom
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* queue fullmetal alchemist brotherhood fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood alphonse elric FMA: Brotherhood fma:b char: alphonse elric OH GODDAMN OH JEEZ UGH THIS WAS HORRIBLE TO MAKE I MEAN I THINK I JUST LOST PART OF MY SOUL whY ALPHONSE WHY how are these bbs elric so adorable and squishy oh god I just want one a pocket sized bb alphonse and bb ed f;kdlafsaghsd;oif crying just sobbing while making this he's just staring into my soul my very being oh lordy I can't PRECIOUS UNICORN SNOWFLAKE ARMOR APRON-WEARING DOLL KITTEN LOVING APRON WEARING PROTECTOR GENTLEMAN OF PERFECTION
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awww 1000 poor bb kim woo bin woobin heirs 39gifs the heirs gifs:heirs heirs ep 8 youngdo is such a jerk but i cant hate him no one is really his friend except for myungsoo maybe bona too but she hates him sometimes he needs namsoon ok stop lol i want them to make up already this is saddd
BamBam is trying to tell Mark something
BB: I choose Mark, you know [he’s] very good looking, handsome, sexy Mark...
my stuff the walking dead maggie greene twd spoilers ZOMBIE SLAYING BB tw: gore ??? idk I guess some people might not want to see that
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