• i wanted to print out the stickers and the charm but my printer ink went out ofc... •
My art Fanbook Haikyuu!! kagehina finallyyy kagehina fanbook you can take a closer look if you open the info images in a new tab i wanted to print out the stickers and the charm but my printer ink went out ofc... why @printer it's my first fanbook so i'm not sure if something is missing but if you have any questions please ask me anytime!! plus i decided to make a giveaway for you babies <3 (i will post the first pages soon too)
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My art i don't even know kuroko no basuke Kuroko Tetsuya hanamiya makoto I just wanted to draw that first picture and then the second one came out of nowhere Hanamiya may be a genius but he's still dumb I just love Hanamiya crack so much
myedit Vampire Knight zero kiryuu long post ZEKI Yuuki Kuran bUT gdi BUT LOOK AT MY BABIES Zeki Week like turned out so much longer than i wanted it to needed to show the parents too which will prob piss people off don't care lol they went through so much and they came out strong in the end together
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never let your printer know that you waited until the last minute to print something and you’re in a hurry. they can sense fear
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photography Natalie Portman Christopher Eccleston Chris Hemsworth Thor Marvel greenwich thor 2 The Dark World thor the dark world T:TDW film vs. location they're not the best quality photos but my printer is just so terrible. it's the only way i could print them without looking like i'd soaked them in wine it also would of been 3 parts but the bloody painted halls were shut for a private event! no point going back again today for a few shots so i've left them out maybe the next time i go. i want to go a general greenwich comparison post with thor and les mis and sherlock holmes and so on
mine ariana grande The Wanted Nathan Sykes this didnt turn out as nice as I wanted but Its 3am and I'm going to bed now
1k mygifs arrow oliver queen a* arrowedit felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity i s2g my colourings are getting worse and worse sighhhh i had to make something when i finally caught up on the last couple eps today though cause thIS QUOTE????? um hi hello nothing against sara ofc bc i absolutely love her but lbr ollie does need lightness to balance out his dark side and who else does that except felicity?????? i'm just gonna lie down and cry now bc the slow burn of this ship is so goddamn beautiful it hurts
eunhae mygif :( babies omg the coloring is weird but ya feel me i wanted to focus on both the screen and the moment and uh yeah whatever still adorabs okay editing tags bc i have time this was seriously adorable and i know he isn't dry humping or whatever but i wanted to take out some sadness ya feel i'm 100% donghae wanted to go for smething related to the lips he was crying too but when hyukjae was crying so bad he couldn't speak he went there and then look at his eyes looking at him and his face and going to his lips how hyukjae was not good positioned on the first gif but when he felt donghae he opened his arms so he could hug him fully how donghae covered his hands on the third gif almost fully to caress a little hyukjae's stomach in a soothing manner ah i cried so hard too because of the video and just seeing hyukjae cry makes me weep like a bitch but donghae was there fo him the first one to go as soon as he saw how he couldn't speak my sweethearts i'm going to cry they are married shut up ...siwon
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*mine *gif knk happy birthday my love YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE Kyoukai no Kanata the bae mirai kuriyama *knk lmao ofc i'd use her text message for this bc i hate myself i'm out of town rn i hope this scheduled post thing works omg
kbye i'm not even sorry that's actually fifties!cap I'm just overflowing with keeping-the-outfit jokes after reading Two Americas and I didn't know where to start after fifties!cap made Bucky dress up in his old outfit I just really wanted Steve to see him still wearing it and freak the fuck out and then obviously my brain went to smuttier places like it ever really left them for long iris reads marvel out of context!cap
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