• i was afraid tumblr wasn't going to let me post it •
s3 sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch caro's edit wgifs i was going to upload them in color but fucking tumblr didn't let me do it
text message snk long post shingeki no kyojin AOT attack on titan sorry for the long post nothing will top this i can never top this but i was afraid people would read it wrong if it wasn't in one line SOOOOOOO i had to use some clever editing
i think nepeta sprite edit meulin mga drowing
* StarKidPotter AVPM A Very Potter Musical: Act 1 this was supposed to be joined and tumblr wouldn't let me upload it even if it was below the size limit guh it looks so ugly now but I've spent way too much time on this so i might as well post it lol it was 126 frames
mygif star trek and i couldn't resist star trek into darkness trekedit oops i honestly wasn't going to do this enormously well covered scene i swear but i was just scrolling past it looking for the bit i was gonna do instead i love hearing zach talking about vulcan's not being able to lie okay it gives me tos feels
One Direction Zayn Malik mine 1D Zayn this was only giffed was once and it wasn't good enough tbh this moment is too perfect to let go so i giffed it myself lmao his position and facial expression wooooooo mama
supernatural dean winchester castiel mystuff DEANCAS whatever des1 dnwinchester i tried to color it but tumblr didn't let me post it so sdjfsdjknfj :cc
team 7 nphoto mine:naruto narutographic shitty edits by renee hallous mine:t7 mine:naru mine:saku mine:sasu presents for friends uhhh idk if i should put it in the narutogrpahic tag but w/e i was surprised hhow easy it was to edit the top panel copy parts of what is already clean and paste it there clean leftovers and bam i wasn't going to fix sasuke tho look at his hair urgh i am not an artist so no can do 2k whOA
s3 sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch caro's edit wgifs as always..i was going to upload these in color but tumblr didn't let me (stupid thing) idk why i tagged ben on here lol..well.. his hand his on here so yeah. and it's 5am so i should probably sleep mmm
my gifs Bradley James Merlin colin morgan merthur cm* merlin* merthur* bj* omg tumblr wouldnt let me post these i had to take out most of my colors in order for it to post :( im too colorful for tumblr
mine Rick Grimes 500* carol peletier 1k* indifference when the dead come knocking twdedit twdgifs OTP: Serpents if i see any hate added to this i'm going to set something on fire there was a time when i wasn't obsessed with their relationship
les mis, as explained to me by tumblr:
So here’s the deal: I have never seen Les Miserables.  I have never read Les Miserables. I know one thing from Les Miserables, and that is that Castle on a Cloud song because I had to sing it in middle school choir this one time. So! Here, for your reading pleasure, is my impression of Les Mis...
Christmas mine kingdom hearts sora khgifs 1k* khgraphics kh! damn this looked better but tumblr wouldn't let me upload this was hella not worth the drama it took me to get tumblr to accept it but happy holidays yo sunday night is probs not the best time to post stuff but yolo
sunggyu woohyun sggif Birth of a family woogyu whgif otp del mal 120121 i wasn't going to post this b/c i didn't like how it turned out... but well... since i made it.... the lighting is awful
mine caroline flack haroline harryedit hs GOD you cant believe how many hours it took to make this and how many hours it took to post this tumblr was being so annoying wouldnt let me upload them?!!!! anyway its finally finished lol and i miss this :((((
naya rivera $ ok the fourth one was annoying me but the one i replaced it with is annoying me too having to crop around the proactiv logo sucks and it won't let me replace with gifs over 1mb k tumblr
vriska serket my drawings my hand hurts too many layers and not enough motivated + I realized I have to change her eyes a bit for the complete gif but wow it took less time than i thought it was going to take and i'm pretty proud of it also thats a 'LET ME SEE Vriska i m gonnA DIE' drawing mY GURL im losing it also sorry its big sized post otherwise no ones gonna click to see the hq version hAHAHAHAhaha hm ok that wasnt a good idea im gonna put it back the other way
homestuck omg andrew hussie submission vriska valentines day This amused me way more than it should have one day I'll make a fat Vriska post I was going to save this for last but I needed to post it before midnight it was mandatory