• i was bored sorry •
lady gaga Jesus edit gaga I got carried away i was bored sorry
gif LOL mine i was bored Katy Perry sorry hair colours hot n cold
this is makoto (????) and this is MAKOTO (????) know the difference
gif tom hiddleston Chris Hemsworth Thor sorry i was bored
  • meltdown:Your muse has suicide thoughts for --- days
  • love is war:Your muse thinks their love interest is with someone else for --- days
  • one of repetition:Your muse is haunted by nostalgia for --- days
  • happy synthesizer:your muse is extremely happy for --- days
  • alice:your muse has hallucinations of wonderland for --- days
  • candy candy:your muse is addicted to sweets for --- days
  • eye examination:your muse is an attractive eye doctor who sees the future for --- days
  • mosaik role:your muse has an evil personality for --- days
  • ...
gif * selena gomez 1k* i was bored sorry for the crappiness
Larry Stylinson i was bored candid sorry pics hs. lt.
1k MY EDIT i was bored sorry okay just
1k mine new girl Zooey Deschanel Jess Day Nick Miller Jake Johnson i was bored sorry
mgif mystuff SWIMMING ANIME free! nanase haruka tachibana makoto matsuoka rin marinka makoharurin Free! Eternal summer yes well... i was bored now i'm bored and sorry
One Direction Niall Horan mine Niall beautiful boy angel i was bored im sorry
Drake i was bored OVOXO ovo sorry not sorry nothing was the same Worst Behaviour
homestuck drugs epilepsy warning sorry i was bored shite i guess????KWKKW?? sorry  i was bored and im tired
aw man you guys are gonna love series 3!!!!! greg gets pregnant! mrs. hudson is the father! mycroft swears off cake! mary was actually sherlock all along! anthea reveals her real name is actually steve! john embraces his inner hedgehog and just hibernates through the impending drama!
im sorry but im not at all sorry
gif robert downey jr iron man Chris Evans What's your number? sorry i was bored gif : sometimes i make mash up gifs
* mygifs delena myedits But I was bored otp: i'm not sorry that i'm in love with you i don't have idea what is this
gifs mine interview Colin Firth french interview taron egerton kingsman kingsman the secret service firtherton i cracked i'm sorry i was bored on a Saturday night