• i was bored •
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i was bored
' i was so bored
quote i was bored mumford and sons pointless but I WAS BORED texture credit toooo bahtmun
** klaine glee sigh idk i was bored
** i was bored myedits Misha Collins p:mc
* i was bored CrissColfer
i was bored oc jigglypuff
honestly idek I was just so bored
okay i was bored, don't judge me.
i skipped out some parts but w/e
I WAS BORED OK power rangers mituna
louis tomlinson bored yk i was
* YouTube i was bored edit zoella zoe sugg
justin bieber edits i was bored
moonbase alpha idk i was bored //
i was bored mako klk kill la kill mako mankanshoku maybe way too bored still it was fun
dont cha wish ur girlfriend was the sister of a reality star who got famous from a sextape and now the whole family has a reality show and you’re famous because you use to be a douchebag that everyone hated but now you’re the idol of thousands of random teens who call you their spirit an...
(I'm bored)Bold what applies to you: I have
1. had sex.2. bought condoms (JLS ones for a friend)3. gotten pregnant.4. failed a class.5. kissed a boy.6. kissed a girl.7. used a little paper bag for lunch.8. had a job.9. slipped on ice.10. missed the school bus.Total So Far: 511. left the house without my wallet.12. bullied someone on the inter...
bored colourparadise mistakes scan