• i wonder how many people will read this wrong the 1st time haha •
gif jennifer lawrence happy birthday bb jlawedit im just tired i didnt forget THIS DOESNT MAKE UP FOR BAILING THO i wonder how many of these gifsets there will be by the time this is posted lmao
Mean Girls Lizzy Caplan Janis Ian behind the scenes Lindsay Lohan i wonder how many comments people will give about the girl in the blue shirt i also wonder when it will get old
mine disney cats The Aristocats Kenya aristocats everybody wants to be a cat I swear I wonder how many times this will be reposted
Adventure Time disney My art lumpy space princess amethyst steven universe ursla please excuse my messy writing I rewrote it a dozen times also I haven't slept yet and im just trying to not notice all the mistakes haha how many people is this going to piss off I wonder??? literally i looked up ursula reference and in the first 10 images theres 2 thin versions of her lmao
gif * doctor who mine jenna louise coleman asylum of the daleks oswin oswald Oswin I wonder how many times I can and will gif this moment I just love her face and the colouring okay I can't help it
my gifs mine sorry Submarine craig roberts look at me watermarking my gifs i wonder how many times this has been giffed and paired with that quote
love tree suicide goth hanging macarbe
Reblog if you've ever felt like a shitty RPer.
* Graphic Korra lok imagine her story passed down through the centuries i wonder how many people know wan's story
all time low dirty work nothing personal put up or shut up Jack Barakat Alex Gaskarth Jalex rian dawson zack merrick ATL straight to dvd merrikat don't panic so wrong its right dont panic all time low straight to dvd all time low std
sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch ^ Now with 100% extra rainbow There were supposed to be 9 GIFs in this thing but I couldn't be bothered colouring the other 3 I wonder how many months/years/decades/centuries we will have to wait before S3 comes out
giveaway ed sheeran Teddy Sheeran sheerios Sheerannosaurus Please reblog so I don't feel like a loser
text message snk long post shingeki no kyojin AOT attack on titan sorry for the long post nothing will top this i can never top this but i was afraid people would read it wrong if it wasn't in one line SOOOOOOO i had to use some clever editing
I wonder how many people went onto twitter, realized crotchless tights was trending and were like
And then clicked the tag and realized, “Oh, it’s just that weird boyband again.”
tony stark Iron Man 3 james rhodes rhodey Shane Black IM3 I'm sorry I've been making so many IM3 posts lately I just got the file on my computer and I am excited
Monsters inc - 2001Monsters inc 2 - 2013 Finding Nemo - 2003Finding Nemo 2 - 2015
quotes fave SUE ME I made a thing It's like long post the silmarillion Fëanor AHHHHHHHHHHHH concerning photoshop pathgifs harder than i thought silm silmedit mehistory mehistorymeme I think it's my favourite gifset Ive made so far I do hope you like it TAT also that quote basically gives me goosebumps every time I just read it I mean ok no I cant talk about it rn or these tags will be literally endless but yeah basically fave fave fave fave also I tried my hardest to put in as many non-subtle references as I could XD like people riding eagles sb on a white horse riding into battle .... people staring at the sea.... I am sorry subtlety is not my strong suit also yeah that's footage from the battle of blackwater do you know how hard it is to find video footage of burning ships lmao FEANooooOORRr baby
By the Time You Read this, I will Be a Criminal.
On October 3, 2012 (in my timezone, which would be early October 2 for most of you), I and millions of internet users in the Philippines have officially become criminals, liable to be jailed for up to 12 years. I will understand if you don’t care. After all, the Philippines seems like such a s...
1k but les mis les miserables Victor Hugo the brick how did this get so many notes jojo rereads i like the bishop part yeah okay i maybe get why i've had such trouble getting people to read and/or love this book like i do