• i wonder how many people will read this wrong the 1st time haha •
1k my stuff once upon a time Emma Swan Evil Queen Regina Mills belle french mine: ouat reginamillsedit emmaswanedit bellefrenchedit queen elsa elsaedit claryherondales i wonder how many people will read this wrong the 1st time haha
gif jennifer lawrence happy birthday bb jlawedit im just tired i didnt forget THIS DOESNT MAKE UP FOR BAILING THO i wonder how many of these gifsets there will be by the time this is posted lmao
Mean Girls Lizzy Caplan Janis Ian behind the scenes Lindsay Lohan i wonder how many comments people will give about the girl in the blue shirt i also wonder when it will get old
mine disney cats The Aristocats Kenya aristocats everybody wants to be a cat I swear I wonder how many times this will be reposted
Adventure Time disney My art lumpy space princess amethyst steven universe ursla please excuse my messy writing I rewrote it a dozen times also I haven't slept yet and im just trying to not notice all the mistakes haha how many people is this going to piss off I wonder??? literally i looked up ursula reference and in the first 10 images theres 2 thin versions of her lmao
1k ron weasley harry potter 5k 10k 20k hpedit hpmine I apologise in advance cheeky nandos legit my favourite internet meme of all time sorry I'm late to the thing and the rest of the lads magical lads I wonder how many Americans will get bent out of shape because of this gifset
  • me:*screams into the void*
  • void:yo man what the fuck
gif * doctor who mine jenna louise coleman asylum of the daleks oswin oswald Oswin I wonder how many times I can and will gif this moment I just love her face and the colouring okay I can't help it
The doodle will be based off their url, blog title and/or description, and possibly the first couple of posts I see on their blog!
my gifs mine sorry Submarine craig roberts look at me watermarking my gifs i wonder how many times this has been giffed and paired with that quote
love tree suicide goth hanging macarbe
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cat art color anyway i hate this post so much ketsu arts okay how do i tag this literally how the hell do i tag this it's hard to draw things that are non-fandom in nature i was going to include a tg character in there but then i can't find the right size for this perspective things thingy* not things pfft i tried to do something different this time the bg was referenced of course how the hell else can i draw bgs given my mediocre art skills lmao i used a colour palette for the colours and added in my own colours sooooooooooooo idk the combination looks p pleasing to me idk about you random cat in there bc yknow 'centre of attention' and shit maybe it's not centre of attention enough bc it's still not the first thing i see when i look at this picture crey i am a failure do not look at me i have three million ideas for edits (rly simple ones tho) that i have yet to get to like i've had them in mind for like a month but then i was too lazy to do it laziest person on earth that is me okay i should stop ranting in the tags im sorry people removed my comment and added their own and i want to delete this post off everyones blogs fuck this post and fuck the person who removed the comment i wonder how many notes this will get
all time low dirty work nothing personal put up or shut up Jack Barakat Alex Gaskarth Jalex rian dawson zack merrick ATL straight to dvd merrikat don't panic so wrong its right dont panic all time low straight to dvd all time low std
sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch ^ Now with 100% extra rainbow There were supposed to be 9 GIFs in this thing but I couldn't be bothered colouring the other 3 I wonder how many months/years/decades/centuries we will have to wait before S3 comes out
* Graphic Korra lok imagine her story passed down through the centuries i wonder how many people know wan's story
pikachu pokemon pokemon gif gengar mewtwo Charizard gardevoir suicune Lucario chandelure Sceptile Garchomp still tagging blaziken weavile machamp braixen pokegraphic Cosplay Pikachu Pokken Tournament shadow mewtwo Pikachu Libre 3 hours later still tagging i wanted to do this a long time ago i wonder how many people are piss at this xd so few pokemon xd
giveaway ed sheeran Teddy Sheeran sheerios Sheerannosaurus Please reblog so I don't feel like a loser
Dear Sister, By the time you read this, I’ll be dead. This is how I think it’s gonna happen: Dave wi...