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sepia tank top photo: scan magazine: dazed and confused oh i see now don't you guys go crazy reblogging these there will be much better scans soon
Of course. The alphabet is important shit. Should be revised till one knows it by heart.
mine john green the fault in our stars vlogbrothers tfios ic augustus waters
All I want before Homestuck ends is an update where we see, even if it’s a flashback, an update of all the Ancestors so we know how they talk and what they’re like. This is all I want in life. Reblog if you do too.
homestuck idk what to draw so i did this gomen
homestuck condesce upd8 )(ic
why flawless i can't legend of the seeker bridget regan craig horner Tabrett Bethell SO FUCKING FUCK EVERYTHING INT HE WORL D THSI IS THE BEST AL;KJI ;ASLDKFJ IC AN'T IS THIS CAST ASL;DKFJ;AJGFOIEHG;LKAJDSF gif: lots
* chris colfer tweet ic a'nthnes'ogjn
my stuff Django Unchained calvin candie king schultz IC RIED OS NCUH IC ANT EVNE TBHINK PROPERLY
~ ic ant fukcing breathe i'mn ot even tagging this i just want it on my blog
* glee joe hart glee* kitty wilde ic ant rbethe joe x kitty me and josie
Adventure Time ** cake marshall lee fionna *u*
nope photo: scan magazine: ceci
anime los angeles the felt midnight crew felt intermission THEY WERE ALL LIT PERFECT SOBS...
Indifferent, Distant Characters
Made rebloggable per request from WriteWorld. Anonymous asked: Hello! Do you have any tips or anything on how to play a character with a indifferent/distant nature? Thank you & have a great day! Hello there! This question has been sitting in my inbox for quite a while, to the point ...
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