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blue ic JW delta Jurassic World blue posts a cute first post
Send “...Can I?” for my muses reaction to yours asking to kiss them.
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mine hq hes so cute 500N and dumb 2kn kageyama tobio Haikyuu!! m:c hq!!edit m:hq I HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE CHOOSING TBH but look at this cute nerd ic ry the one where he looks like a child isnt even from the backstory i lov u flying fish HQ30D (oh also its karasuno and not non-karasuno bc i choose kenma -a nekoma player- as day1)
  • im making one because i saw a few i disagree with. (i do like a few though)
  • Sun:YOU, ego, consciousness, personality, action.
  • Moon:feelings, unconscious, intuition, reaction.
  • Mercury:logic, thinking, communication.
  • Venus:love, romance, "feminine" side, social interactions, aesthetics, affection.
  • Mars:aggression, passion, forcefulness, "masculine" side.
  • Jupiter:optimism, expansion, luck, the big picture, confidence.
  • Saturn:responsibility, limitation, order, restriction, lessons, realism
  • ...
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mine Luke 5sos 5 seconds of summer luke hemmings 5sos edit i cant brethe
girl hands lips wallpaper ArtLibreS 35mm ic zenit
* glee rachel berry ^ gleeedit rachelberryedit i'mg gonn a ic an't believe this i'ms so fuckign happy goodbYE also s ad but SHE WON A TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Send me “Hush, go back to sleep.” for my character to fall asleep in your characters arms.
Black and White pierce the veil monkey vic fuentes fave ptv
Send me "You're okay, it was just a bad dream." for my characters reaction to waking up from a night...
Send me a ? and I'll gauge my character's attraction to yours at this point in time
?????????? | Sexual Attraction?????????? | Romantic Attraction?????????? | Crushing?????????? | Squishing?????????? | Sensual Attraction?????????? | Aesthetic AttractionLow ?????????? HighHover over the names for explanations.
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