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truth bomb
gif white privilege louis ck this truth bomb i love him again the whole rape apologist thing was a misunderstanding thank grod
iris west jeffy theflashedit flashedit iriswestedit the flash: 1x21
Can we take a moment to recognize the fact that Steven Universe, a “kid show”. has done a better job at portraying adult romanti...
people who automatically think that by shipping real people you hate their lovers and want the “ship” to actually happen
If you respect a woman less because you’ve seen her naked or were lucky enough to have sex with her, you deseve to tread on only lego for the rest of your stupid life.
gif s3 degrassi Manny Santos 3x21 degrassiedit manuella dropping truth bombs left and right
Racism tweet education radical pedagogy decolonization white supermacy educating
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truth society yeah right truth bomb fix it School System
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