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usher Samuel L. Jackson john legend Martin Luther King Jr. eartha kitt Taraji P. Henson sammy davis jr dorothy dandridge Diana Ross lena horne mary j. blige Diahann Carroll sidney poitier regina king Jurnee Smollett Nia Long Black Excellence Blair Underwood Duke Ellington lamman rucker Richard Roundtree
edits MY EDIT zelda link screencaps legend of zelda loz icons hw ocarina of time lana OOT sheik Ruto Darunia lozgraphics hyrule warriors
my gifs Aang Sokka ugh atla katara zuko toph avatar the last airbender xd i tried atlaedit *happy dance* aangedit so glad i'm done OMG THIS ONLY TOOK FOREVER AND A DAY TO MAKE that x words was really hard just leave me alone ok give me that much like honestly I stayed up all night to make this there is definately something wrong with me time to crash!
Illustration art Russia surreal digital art mixed-media pop-culture Oksana Badrak
ana criminal minds icons Matthew Gray Gubler criminal minds icons matthew gray gubler icons shemar moore icons shemar morre
icons compilation studioghibliedit
Fill out with icons of your muse being:
Happy Sad Angry Lonely Annoyed Calm Scared
music kurt cobain nirvana Grunge soul jimi hendrix rock n roll Jim Morrison david bowie the rolling stones icons the doors Janis Joplin Elvis Presley rebel rebel Johnny Cash mick jagger bad boys frank sinatra criminals
pokemon icon digital art eevee espeon leafeon icons mewtwo Dragonite vulpix Jirachi Magikarp Lucario arcanine Raichu Nidoking luxray zoroark houndoom absol dewott Milotic Sylveon Pokemon icons talonflame Goodra palette challenge palette meme 100 palette challenge virize
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photography rap female rapper throwback 2000 1999 David LaChapelle Outtake lil kim Lil' Kim female rappers QUEEN BEE queen of rap fashion icons
some of the people on my dash i just assume are their icons bc i’ve never seen their pics so it’s like “oh look gandalf is up late bloggin again” 
The Shining Stephen King Fire Starter carrie night shift vintage horror cujo horror novels Horror Icons pulp horror horror classics pet cemetary horror author horror pulp
mine gifs* bruce banner mark ruffalo avengersedit marveledit ruffaloedit first gif made me cry so hard look at my lil nugget's bitchface and ill be posting some bruce banner icons tomorrow can i get a hell yeah
my edits justin bieber justin bieber icons justin bieber edits justin bieber headers theedits dammmn bae
theme themes redux edit redux edits redux themes redux theme themes by zwinglys codes by zwinglys
Windows concept icons oldschool windows 98 whaf
Black and White grizzly bear monochrome wildlife photographers on tumblr lensblr
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