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Fun musical date ideas
Practising in adjacent practice rooms. Applauding through the wall periodicallyGoing to a fancy piano showroom. Playing heart and soul on every piano, make intelligent comments about the action and timbre, and seeing how long it takes for you to be kicked outAny kind of co-operative musical instrume...
Gift Ideas for Cosplayers: 2015
The holiday season is here, and for anyone looking for Christmas and other gifts for their cosplay friends it might be a challenge to figure out what they want and need. So we’re sharing a new list of gifts to bring some cheer to the costume crafter in your life! You can check out the 2014 list here...
Good ideas gone bad, or bad ideas gone bad ? “Trying ...
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hello people of the internet. do you want to be in a danisnotonfire/amazingphil video?! ..well either way now is your chance!those of you who have read our book ‘the amazing book is not on fire’ #spon will know that (SPOILER WARNING) in it we each write a piece of dan and phil fan fiction. yup. i wr...
if you’re struggling for AU ideas take a look-see at this list i wrote for my friend who dubbed it “better than the 10 commandments" 1)     Coffee shop AUi)       Barista and person who has a ridiculous coffee orderii)      I’m worried about your coffee dependencyiii)     you accide...
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No soy la misma de hace una semana, ni un mes, ni dos años. Soy diferente, tranquila, efímera para algunos, intensa para otros. Soy lo que m...
123 Ideas for Character Flaws
Absent-minded - Preoccupied to the extent of being unaware of one’s immediate surroundings. Abstracted, daydreaming, inattentive, oblivious, forgetful. Abusive - Characterized by improper infliction of physical or psychological maltreatment towards another. Addict - One who is addicted to a compul...
Formatea tu mente; crea una nueva base de datos e instala programas más actualizados.
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gift ideas for the holiday season:
giant inflatable Lugia that barely fits in the house