• idek •
i’d rather post my secrets out to tons of strangers online than tell anyone at school
1k hq idek..
* idek fun.
I feel like if the devil ever wanted somewhere to hide he could just go on tumblr and no one would suspect a thingI mean he could be all like “I am the Dark Lord Satan” and someone else would just be like “yeah me too high five bro” 
mine idek byee
i think im falling for you… maybe wintering.. summering perhaps
mine 2011 Zayn idek
** blaine anderson idek
  • gandalf:hey i just met you.
  • gandalf:and this is crazy.
  • gandalf:but i am looking for someone to share in an adventure so i'm gonna scratch a symbol in your door and tell some dwarves that you're a great burglar and they can count on you to be a perfect 14th companion on their quest to travel across miles of dangerous land and through goblin caverns and a forest full of giant spiders all so they can maybe kind of come up with some way to kill an enormous dragon and reclaim a load treasure lost a really long time ago because they are dwarves i guess don't ask me how they operate i am a wizard.
  • gandalf:so join me maybe.
* Supa Hot Fire idek
                     And when we fuck                        you don’t mind my s c a r s            you trace them with your fingertips                      and make me forget why they’re there
take me down to night blog city where the notes are few and the posts are shitty
ok idek nb
gif Demi Lovato idek
obama idek debate
21 and 18 Holy shit that’s going to be a hot age difference
he would look like this between your thighs
sometimes niall makes orgasm faces without any fuckin reason and it’s making me wanna set myself on fire???  okay lets do this poop the veins tho NO BUT REALLY LOOK AT THE ARM VEIN THERE i m sad ææøåååæø naaah no "fuck yeah babe just like that" ngl this looks like som...
finishing a book is simultaneously the best and worst feeling ever