• idek •
~ Darren Criss idek
gif dramione lol idek
“let me be ur last first kiss” niggas i haven’t had my first first kiss
it’s so funny when people who hate larry and larry shippers use cropped pictures of harry for their imagines “imagine harry looking at you like this” oh wait he’s looking at louis but remember they’re just friends so why do you want harry to look at you like a friend?...
Harry Styles myedit idek
kids in movies that look like baby sherlock makes my heart aches
when you click on a link and it opens in the same tab
selena gomez idek
mine ocean idek quality HALP social life
exo k idek Kyungsoo d.o edit:exok
* aaliyah mvg idek merry christmas eve
gif2 Key shinee idek
Harry Styles mine1 my teenage dream idek???
MY EDIT Dongwoon Yoseob creys idek
  • danny:whats different about american fans
  • yongguk:yall crazy as fuck
1k selena gomez type:graphic idek tbh
louis tomlinson One Direction * mine idek omg
doctor who mine David Tennant idek