• idk even •
myposts: gifs (iii) idk what am i even doing i don't even have photosets enabled
recipe to getting boyfriend 2 egg 3 milk stir well sunglasses hell yeah
* all time low rian dawson idk idk his tag is worse than cassadee's how's that even possible
Witchy Tip: When burning insense, keep the ashes in a little bottle. When filled, use them as a sand-like sustance at the bottom of a bowl (white sage burning too) on a full moon to aid in cleansing your materials used in witchy shit. It gives off the extra power of your past spells while still givi...
lady gaga lady gaga* idk idk hBABY just wanna point out how proud I am goodnight is anyone even online ok
Harry Styles One Direction but im so bored haylor omfg idk why i even made this idk y im laffing
If my husband can’t be Harry can it still be Harry because I’m not taking no for an answer
wait if someone gets raped how can they talk about it with a therapist with a name like therapist the rapist
1k * Typography idk dont even ask The 100 the100edit the 100 edit the100daily
tweet aww i'm bored lln but zayn ;-; idk why i'm even doing thiss
Alright but have you considered Letter found in an old notebook AU Road trip across the country and accidentally crossing paths AU Work at the same shitty restaurant and have all the same shitty shift times AU Record store AU basically just like a coffee shop AU but with music Always getting the sam...
In the United States they don’t say I love you they say “you got kik?” And I think that is beautiful
  • me:it seems i am sad
  • me:i could listen to some happy music to feel better
  • me:OR i could listen to sad music and spiral further down this pit of sadness
  • me:excellent
henry eunhyuk Kai taemin gif1 Luhan LOL WHAT EVEN maxstep idk i like this part
upset mine* Alexis Knapp pitch perfect did they even say her last name idk stacie
miley cyrus oh god idk if im even straight after seeing this picture
1k * game of thrones got spoilers gotedit first of his name idk what this is even
my gif 1k idk jennifer morrison ? ouatedit jennifermorrisonedit how do I even tag it
The thing is, you either say how you feel and fuck it up or say nothing and let it fuck you up instead. Is the risk worth the reward? I gues...