• idk how to tag •
* klaine idk how to tag this bravid
narry ?? Shameless idk how to tag worknarry i j ust had to 1d as shameless
1k * CrissColfer glee live Idiots idk how to tag this crisscolfer*
fob fall out boy card Valentine's Day Patrick Stump idk how to tag this omg
funny idk how to tag this hannibal hannibal lecter comic sans
how funny was the joke: Hongbin or Leo
k on *edit idk how to tag it lol
gif mygifs well britney spears britney MGM godney idk how to tag it
1k * The Hunger Games THG Catching Fire thgedit idk how to tag it cfedit
* iron man tony stark idk how to tag this *iron man marveledit ironmanedit
harry potter edits stuff Sirius Black hp idk how to tag this hp edit hpedit
tom tom hiddleston shirtless edited by me hiddlestoners Coriolanus caius martius idk how to tag that
1k $ Catching Fire prince idk how to tag this finnick odair other* Sam Claflin sclaflinedit
one time i went to get gas while wearing my superman shirt and this guy pumping gas next to me in a football jersey said “i bet she doesn’t even know who superman is” to his buddy and i yelled back “yeah and i bet you’ve never stepped foot on a fucking football field yo...
last night i woke up laughing because i was thinking about, what if you pulled a leaf off a tree and the tree screamed and i just
which female character is your favorite? yes
doctor who mygif Classic Who opening idk how to tag it ????? dwedit by sarah all seasons opening themes i really dont know who to tag