• idk if i'm happy with this •
1k my stuff ariel once upon a time snow white tinkerbell red riding hood Emma Swan Evil Queen Princess Aurora belle french mine: ouat snowwhiteedit auroraedit bellefrenchedit rubylucasedit tinkerbelledit arieledit was messing around with ps idk if i'm happy with this
doctor who amy pond caps* idk if this will get notes but i'm pretty happy with it
louis tomlinson 1k eleanor calder elounor Elounorstuff idk if i like this coloring or if i totally hate it i'm a little bit confused with myself right now
1k mygifs the vampire diaries tvd caroline forbes klaroline klaus mikaelson *________* kc* hmmm idk if i'm very happy with this gifset tbh sigh i kept getting too distracted MY BEAUTIFUL BBS FINALLY HAVING GLORIOUS AL FRESCO SEX to properly concentrate must have watched this scene about fifteen times i s2g
2k The Rocky Horror Picture Show tim curry richard o'brien rhps idk if im super happy with this
sext: you look like the universe decided that it was tired of being so immense so it compressed all of its beauty and complexity and wonder into a smaller form so it could make everyone around it feel like they were a part of the stars
my gif Niall Horan idk well ok gifset okay thousand IDC nh should i happy birthday baby ilysm ur perfect you make me so happy way too many tags :( :( :) :) idk why i'm already uploading this tbh maybe i'll queue it i love you niall i love you so so so much ty for making me smile its for my baby HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALLL just decided i'm not gonna queue it bare with me
myedits lightning claire farron lightning farron Final Fantasy XIII FFXIII not sure if i'm happy with this edit but it's lightning for crying out loud anything with lightning in it is beautiful i'm being cheesy
gif louis tomlinson mine idk meh not really happy with how this turned out but i think i'm gonna try to make a better bigger version? this is for zara larrysinlove
1k mine 500 ***** strawhats opgraphics i thought this might be cute idk its not exactly what i wanted but i'm happy with it edit: i like this one better
* doctor who amy pond karen gillan Eleven dw spoilers *gifs otp: gotcha SEND HELP dwedit idk what to do with my life after this if someone already made this I'M SORRY
1k * mygifs sherlock sherlock holmes john watson bbc sherlock msh the sign of three msh* idk i just really felt like making this i'm happy with my colouring though
my edits joe jonas kevin jonas Nick Jonas idk jonas brothers this shit took me forever and I'm not happy with some photos
1k pokemon pokemon gif mine* idk what to tag pkmnedit i'm really happy with how this turned out *u*
bye ok i should stop idk what to tag mine:graphic The 100 the100edit clarke griffin clarkegriffinedit the100daily im so happy that i finally finish this It took me like three weeks i remade some of the graphics so many times and im still not very happy with some pages like the cover for example i hate it but idk im tired and i should move on if it were up to me it would never be ok but idk this idea was eating my head and i had to do it i wanted to resume the serie in a few pages you know.... show the essence because i love this show so much I hope I have achieved it oh and I'm thinking of making one for the season 2 but idk when... also.. i should said that I was very influenced by Palefroi they work is my everything
mine les mis les miserables anyway Enjolras grantaire lesmisedit exr ok anyways here's a thing what even is their ship tag idk i'm pretty happy with the result actually considering i had to cap the fucking things by hand bc my program was being a bitch i swear i'm gonna gif other characters soon okay if i have inspiration coughsifanyonewantstosuggestsomethingpleasedo otherwise i'll probably keep giffing the same things bc i don't have any inspiration at all other than this stuff blah
* gifs subtitles mycreations The Swan Princess NonDisneyEdit disneyyandmore c: derek animationedit miscellaneous animation swanprincessedit m: the swan princess c: odette s: derek x odette i don't know if i'm happy with this coloring but i'm experimenting theswanprincess*
:-) I'm really high idk if this makes any sense
1k 5k Teen Wolf stiles stilinski twme I'm fragile (idk if this has been done yet)