• idk what the fuck this is tbh •
photoset 1k * Demi Lovato my edits photoshoot quotes Typography lmfao idk what the fuck this is tbh
gifs doctor who idk what this is tbh
A pll graphic3 idk what is this tbh
Harry Styles * tbh idk what this is
Quinn Fabray prettiest girl gifgl what the fuck is this idk
* The Hunger Games katniss everdeen thgedit idk what to tag *movie gamoras fuck this is shit
1k One Direction Zayn Malik my edits idk what the fuck is this
mine Swan Queen ouat ouat spoilers swanqueen mine: ouat ouatedit SWEN family business swanqueenedit idk what tags to use tbh or what this is i was making a regular gifset but everyone had made prettier gifs already so i thought fuck it and got creative or something idek mine: outstandingly heterosexual adventures
1k mine the vampire diaries tvd sunshine caroline forbes candice accola idk what this is I just felt like giffing tbh lol
mine idk what this is tbh so !!!! i'm just rly sad
I was watching mean girls on nick jr and they censored the words gay and homosexual but not bitch and slut because it’s not okay to expose kids to the existence of homosexuality but it’s okay for them to hear derogatory terms for women no bs check the proof im not alone 
SO exo is the fastest group to get such immense popularity, and the fastest group in SM to file a la...
*thinks about space* what the fuck? is this allowed? what the fuck? is that allowed?
mine:gifs anthony mackie mine:1k idk what else to tag tbh this is gold he is gold i might be posting this at a bad time but
my gifs film disney the little mermaid ariel Little Mermaid ya tbh idk what this is Princess Ariel TLM Disneyedit thelittlemermaidedit littlemermaidedit i just felt like doing a big gif THING i hope this coloring is okay
film mine Stanley Kubrick xx The Shining tbh jack nicholson idk what is this but the faces in this scene are my favourite
mygifs the tenth doctor my king the end of time idk what this is tbh dwedit dtedit my dw edits ten s4 dredits
beauty girl queue twitter makeup Equality tweet woman feminist important feminism body positivity ref Social Justice no makeup idk what to tag this Fuck the patriarchy false advertisement this is messy idk still brallonafnet
idk what to tag this Paulette kevin Abernathy