• idk •
do ya ever bring your pet up to a mirror and ur like “that you”
Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.
mine homophobia is that a trigger idk probably
gifs mine myedit vine same tho idk what to tag this lmao
RIGHT so when I started my sociology course in college, my teacher stated us off with ‘well I guess we have to do icebreakers. i’m Jon, and I fear bears. why do I fear bears? because bears can run at 30 miles per hour and Chester Zoo is 30 miles away. that means a bear can be outside this door in an...
1k gifs mine disney 10k Sleeping Beauty angelina jolie oh well Maleficent idk how i feel about these
beauty girl queue twitter makeup Equality tweet woman feminist important feminism body positivity ref Social Justice no makeup idk what to tag this Fuck the patriarchy false advertisement this is messy idk still brallonafnet
reasons to date me no pressure to wear pants in my presence or any clothes at all really but it’s up to you u can be big spoon or little spoon totally your choice i’m always ready to make out aLwaYs also u don’t even have to buy me things just maybe an ice cream cone every once in ...
idk stabs ôô
In order to become the supreme adult, you must perform the seven wonders: Public speaking Not being afraid of teenagers Calling the doctor yourself Taxes Arguing without crying Having a normal sleep pattern Having an answer to the question ‘what do you want to do with your life?’
JK Rowling jkr idk what else to tag me1k vicmisc MERLIN'S BEARD DID SHE JUST?! life after harry potter
  • 2014 resolution:don't fuck it up
1k * jennifer lawrence Josh Hutcherson thg cast idk this will get no notes but i was watching the video and i wanted to gif it the coloring looks really ugly on josh whatever lets not talk about it
motivation comics vincent van gogh idk i just feel kinda shitty lately *hides face* I'm trying to vent without venting
mine rape psa infographics my infographics I finished this so fast It just got ino my head and idk it just needed to be done
  • me a week before exams:im gonna study so hard and get an A and go to an amazing college and be the top in my class
  • me the night before exams:success and failure are human constructions and aren't real. i am less than a speck in the entire known universe and all of time. time is a construct of humans. we are all going to die.
LOL gay TED cruz LMAOOOOO ted cruz idk what to tagt this shit is just funny lololloololol
me funny sexy it's always sunny in philadelphia irl Charlie Day charlie kelly iasip fart always sunny hot pocket iasip edit iasip photoset i think its funny idk iasip funny
have you ever not liked someone in a romantic way and everything is cool and all then they do something small like touch your shoulder or say something funny and you just kind of freeze and think oh oh no
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