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My art animal crossing ? Isabelle ac maid sailor fuku new leaf digby uuuuh floatie idunno what else to tag this
  • Friend:You're the only one i know that loves Broadway music
  • Me:S H O W T U N E S *
Send me a Pokéball!
Poke: What are your top 10 Pokemon? Great: Favorite Pokemon game? Ultra: If you’ve captured a shiny, what was your first shiny? Master: What’s your favorite legendary? Safari: What was your first ever Pokemon game?  Lure: What introduced you to Pokemon? Moon: In SS/HG, time effected the Pokemon that...
dangan ronpa Kirigiri Kyouko attempting to update this artblog some more idunno
bts mygif 1kgif jimin Bangtan jungkook BOY IN LUV idunno man this is how it went in my head
1k mine danisnotonfire dan howell idunno danedit everyone was giffing the new videos so i decided i wanted to do something else
NSFW Sketch kinda idunno ORC gorndraws ozrig i mean theres a butt right there might as well tag it as such
My art kitties tv head i'm sorry but i just love tv heads k the static turned out sorta good i guess idunno uvu
me mine like beach that waves sunny when okay island hawaii maui LAME maybe cg just really its rj idunno hashtags ifeel iMake
My art do this i can't DO SYMMETRICAL THINGS WHY DO I i kinda have a story for this idunno maybe i draw my ocs naked way more than i probbly should huh
love girls Black and White fashion dress heels brown hair style friends b&w city vest london skirt paris new york USA freedom europe forever young Europa sisters NY blond hair mode liberty sister idunno ayna
mass effect tali my art crap with little shark teeth that can bite yo dick off
mygifs mygraphics hggraphic thgedit fandom: thg A THG POST FROM ME??????? COLLECTIVE GASP FROM THE AUDIENCE and yeah idunno it sucks but i liked the colouring and i just yaeh just go with it shh
hp arts laughs at the messy-ness i hate christmas but happy christmas anyway hmhm
doodles Calvin and Hobbes idunno OFF (game) Zacharie zacharie (off) off! u think Zach still dances without Sugar? like when noones lookin or somethin? I've been readin so much Calvin n Hobbes lately
YuGiOh puzzleshipping Yami Yuugi Blindshipping idunno powerpoint meme Yuugi Mutou mobiumshipping a friend of mine asked me to explain what puzzleshipping is and I GUESS I JUST HAD A LOT TO SAY need to go roll in some wish and rival and flare