• if i still havent responded to somethin you sent me a while back IM GONNA GET TO IT •
gif comic spiders crawlies this is terrible but its already finished so whatever HEY whats up im gonna be super busy for the next week mailing out prints like i spent five hours today just. cutting cardboard squares jesus christ if you sent me a message and i havent responded yet im gonna get to it either today or tomorrow ! someone come over and make me like a huge bowl of stirfry
Personal Thalassophobia Catoptrophobia i havent . . . been feeling well lately and today was The Worst so this happened instead of actual work not staying on though just posting this and switching to the things i SHOULD BE DOING WOW if you sent me an ask recently im gonna get to em tomorrow sorry ahh this is more or less what my bathroom actually looks like minus all the uhhhhhhh things that dont belong in bathrooms anyway hope everyones doin ok toot toot im out
it’s national eating disorder awareness week and to anybody else dealing with one right now or anybody who has dealt with one in the past: you’re incredibly strong and i’m proud of you. they aren’t easy to deal with and no matter what anybody else says about it the fact that you have the strength to...
comic somethin small while i work on commissions though todays a drawing day though i cant stay on later im going to an early halloween party so if i start posting drunk just yell at me til i leave
To tell you the truth, I don’t have much to offer. But, I’d still give you everything I’ve got, even if it’s barely ...
pearl steven universe peridot prehnite Gem Fusion fan fusion this was actually mostly done a while back and i finished it up to have something to post but i am feeling better! thank you to everyone who sent me get well wishes c: i read all of them and i really appreciate it
mine Teen Wolf stydia stiles x lydia martinski twgif so I made this thing otp: possibly adult love i havent giffed them in a while plus theres never enough of them on my dash sorry if i caused feels they are so perf ugh im so excited for their scenes in 3b sORRY A LOT OF USELESS TAGS
blood gore My art Spoiler cuts Shota noiz DMMd re:connect im sorry baby noiz im gonna tag the shit out of this hahaha i havent drawn gory stuff in a while
Haikyuu!! sorry if u sent me a message i'll get to it soon lmao
my gifs narry i had to omg narry storan im still upset im on cloud 9 jesus i still havent eaten anything today GOD IM GONNA GO CHOW DOWN
pokemon cheers gardevoir Lucario zoroark Pokemon Fusion Tami draws sighs ok too lazy to tag all of them i know ill regret it later but thats later regret I HAVENT POSTED IN A WHILE IM SORRY LOTS OF HOMEWORK LOTS OF TEARS oh hey and if anyone has any fusion suggestions hook me up
boys stronger 3 radar i wanna go everytime Sometimes lucky till the world ends circus toxic Womanizer oops I did it again Gimme more piece of me Hold It Against Me overprotected baby one more time do somethin' Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know you drive me crazy break the ice me against the music i'm not a girl not yet a woman born to make you happy My Prerogative If U Seek Amy i'm slave 4 u From the Bottom of My Broken Heart i love rock 'n roll
cave drawings lmao im prolly gonna delete this its so lazy and bad
1k mine tom hiddleston hadley fraser Coriolanus 100hf these pictures were sent to kill me in honour of opening night yesterday you go boys i'm sure you will both be AMAZE if i can't get standing tickets for this i'm gonna puke
my gif movies movie MY EDIT Masterpiece im crying a little princess Sara Crewe get to know me meme just gifing this if u havent seen this movie ur missing out
me: [has gay thoughts]me: nice
portal should I tag this the cake is red velvet tho i haven't tried it yet mainly because it's so pretty I don't want to mess it up well guess what i'm tagging it
destiel doodles yooooooo so here it is!! whelvenwings HAPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETCHEEKS THE BEATLES TO MY STONES THE PAPAYA TO MY ORANGE i'll be honest with you i didnt know that today was your birthday but then i got on skype and then THE LITTLE BIRTHDAY NOTIFICATION THING CAME UP AND I WAS LIKE some destiel for your prezzie!!! this was SO FUN TO DRAW holy shit i originally wanted to just draw in my usual style but then i was like YKNOW WHAT IM GONNA TRY SOMETHIN DIFFERENT TODAY BECAUSE ITS FOR EMILY AND I WANT IT TO BE SPECIAL wow im such a fucking sap dean winchester would have an allergic reaction if he ever comes near me i hope you like it emily! xoxoxoxoxorange