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Markiplier: *is aggressively happy*
"if the majority of ur ships are gay then ur fetishizing homosexuality" "if the majority of ur ships are straight then ur homophobic"
ill broken monster psychopath
ill mitch
  • "You've been coughing a lot. You okay?"
  • "What is wrong with you?"
  • "Gosh, you're burning up!"
  • "Um, hey? Anyone in there? Hello?"
  • "Ugh, just blow your nose already."
  • "My head might just explode."
  • "I think I'm gonna hurl."
  • "If you get me sick, I'll kill you."
  • ...
when i think someone has a better chance with my crush than i do
gif mine hip hop rap religion FUNK VOLUME HOPSIN ill mind of hopsin iLL Mind of Hopsin 7
swag dope fresh ill luxury backpack Illest
swag fashion dope ill class Ladies hype
thank you for helping me realise who i am thank you for helping me realise that who i am is pretty damn great thank you for helping me realise that i want to dedicate my life to music thank you for inspiring me to write songs but fuck you for lying fuck you for leaving how you did fuck you for sayin...
"Friendzoned again!" I shout, pumping my fist in the air. I made a new friend today. Today is a good day.
me bye ill be back outtie
There’s honestly no reason to not like Ed Sheeran
fresh ill 90s Ice Cube danny brown
Sono pieno di lividi e penso cose orribili, non trovo più i miei simili e il merito è tutto vostro, complimenti, avete creato un mostro.
  • mum:hurry up i have to be somewhere
  • me:yanks plugs out of all electronic equipment to speed up shut down sprints out house half dressed and breaks speed limits running to car
  • -
  • me:hey mum i really have to be on time for this thing
  • mum:cleans entire house waters plants redecorates bedrooms applies for american citizenship runs for usa presidency starts a gambling ring purchases zimmer frame crawls to car forgets car keys has to crawl all the way back in house
  • What Possesed Harry to walk around in a morph suit
  • Why Zayn looks homeless when they’re off tour
  • How Liam got his kidney back
  • Why Louis was wearing socks in the recent pictures
  • Why Niall got a new haircut that makes him even more attractive and i can’t even handle it
  • Why One Direction was only on the olympics for like 5 seconds
shoes style ill New Balance sneakers
me swag ill L.A. rudolphisaflip