• im miserable •
Black and White 80s the smiths morrisey heaven knows im miserable now
gifs the smiths Morrissey heaven knows im miserable now
life in my the smiths Morrissey why do i smile to people who id much rather kick in the eye heaven knows im miserable know
love truth Black and White music quotes lyrics pop dark real 80s PREACH the smiths rock and roll heaven knows im miserable now
a thing i dont understand: how some girls can run with their hair in a bun and not have it completely unfurl into waves of failure and droopy sadness
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
The Smiths  Hatful of Hollow
In my lifeĀ  Why do I give valuable timeĀ  To people who don’t care if I liv...
gif love pretty lilo and stitch baby cute film disney beautiful child childhood Little sleep sweet aww sleeping don't give up fall asleep stuffed Stich Lilo y Stich tierno never wake up lilo and stich gif im miserable
my gifs the oc seth cohen summer roberts seth x summer babies im crying sometimes i wonder 'oh god i only ship dreadful couples that would/will probably rip me apart' my existence is miserable but then i realize 'oh seth and summer! i got one right'
solid snake otacon What is art? A miserable little pile of pixels mgs tag
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les miserables i just reALLY LOVE WHEN PEOPLE ARE HAPPY??? also sorry about the bad pun (no im not) mine:les mis
why the hell do i come to this thing every year this is so stupid im going to kill my manager
We are all miserable. Music is the only thing that makes us feel something anymore.
kinda horny kinda miserable