• im sure he has a lot of cute and precious things to tell us •
tao thanks zitao yes pls ask him this kind of questions more im sure he has a lot of cute and precious things to tell us ppl hate him and he dont give a fuck. we all got it already we need new infos i think he meant six flags park here how the fuck disney land is scary??
mine naruto naruto shippuden sasuke uchiha naruto uzumaki Uzumaki Naruto uchiha sasuke ilyyyy naruto manga Naruto Spoilers they make me cry narutoedit narutographic naru;colouring naruto 699 im forever proud of this boy and i know itachi is proud of you too he is just precious the last part of 699 just highlighted the sasuke's development and his bond with naruto i kinda rushed this soo -.- sigh im off to sleep wooh my head is spinning have a nice day or goodnight ya'll
my gifs psych Shawn Spencer henry spencer psychusa psychedit psychmoments Maddie Spencer (it's maddie right or is it maddy idk) sO LET ME TELL YOU SOME THINGS ABOUT THIS shawn's been mad at his dad since he was 18 not to mention he didn't really like all the 'training' his dad did on him when he was a kid and then his mom comes into town and it's all a surprise right hE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS COMING and she drops this bomb on him after all that time he's never been able to forgive his dad for leaving but it turns out his mom was the one who left and shawn???? forgives her right then and there and altho there's still some distance between shawn and henry this is most definitely a defining point in their relationship there's a lot of character development in this show and shawn and henry's relationship is a major contribution to that (aLSO BTW this moment iS A LOT LONGER it couldn't be fit into gifs but man i got tears watching it again) (aND I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION HENRY COMING IN TO SEE MADDIE AND HE'S MAKING SURE HE LOOKS GOOD TOO LIKE AJFKL;JLVS maddie/henry otp) and james' acting bye
1k 2k 500 **** Vivi 3k strawhats opgraphics i was watchin this and gdi i miss making things so much i just want to make all the things im still mad at tumblr but they want us to not make things so im gonna make things and im still annoyed they'll be messed up for a lot of people but i figure that the people who care will get the stylish thing its been 5 days since i made something thats too long
gif exo He's so precious Kyungsoo d.o bestpost dogif please don't ever change i'm sorry that was a novel
* *gif animanga: k ;-; i am unable to can how do you tag this again omg ch: totsuka tatara
1k i'm upset *my gifs in the flesh kieren walker body horror tw itfedit simon monroe kieren x simon otp: there's what I believe and then there's you eye horror tw itf edit itfgifs* they're so cute oh lord kill me messed up zombie babies this relationship has a lot of problematic things but ugh here i am god look at simon's smile and the look on kieren's face
Harry Styles * 2013 HSG angel!styles stop being such a fucking babe you're not real tags update: yes i know harry has objectified women yes i have objectified women too yes i AM a woman yes i meant no harm and didnt even notice i was doing such a thing and im pretty sure neither did him he KNOWS how to treat people he really does thats the concept of this post anyone who knows enough about him knows that idc about the times he has done something irrespectful because 1) he is not hitler he is just a 19 year old ofc he is gonna fuck up mainly in this aspect 2) IM NOT THAT FUCKING PESSIMISTIC PLEASE EITHER YOU SEE THE GOOD IN PEOPLE OR YOU SOD OFF BUT JUST STOP IT so much harry hate lately the amount of harry girls that have bitched about this gifset ayy lmao why are you a harry girl then
rage Karkat i dont know karkat vantas laughter DSi Destruction im sorry Doodles! my precious Flipnote
We now know that yes, love is a real emotion, it’s not just a mixture of happiness and gratitude that’s created by the object or person of a...
mine myedit naruto uzumaki the first time Kushina Uzumaki rae narutographic by rue chapter498 chapter497 when will the day come that i will stop crying about this chapter? (never. the answer is never.) i know i always bitch about how terrible kishi treats his females and that still stands obv but kushina is so great i am so happy with how she was introduced and her story was so nice and i love love LOVE that there is this obvious naruto/kushina parallel like it's been made pretty clear that he inherited kushina's personality and ninjutsu style and looks and he also has her last name and one of his goals is to become a stronger shinobi than his mother like how cute is that even?? idk man im just so happy to see that she's so appreciated and that she has such a huge influence on the main char and this chapter is so precious bc it's literally the first time that we know of that anyone ever tells naruto that they love him 16 years without a mother and then he finally meets her and ugh these chapters were so precious i love these two i'm going to commit
gifset ITS REAL gh zouza edits ok shh haikyuu kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Haikyuu!! sugawara koushi asahi azumane hahahaha theyre just so cute ok bye hinata has a habit of hiding behind people but ugh kageyama shifted himself properly to cover him up because he knows hinata's nervous i think im fangirling too much... probably am tbh edit: lmao i was reading the tags and ppl were like i dont think kageyama shifted to protect him but whatever and im just like... damn... TBH I DONT KNOW but when you ship a ship you kind of just... notice a lot of the little details yknow? he couldve just shifted like that to face asahi straight up but just... JUST LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT
gif 1k Teen Wolf keahu kahuanui charlie carver Dethan i like these two (a lot) but the fact that their /relationship/ is based on lies isn't good and danny really needs to know ethan is a werewolf. ethan is not a hs student. ethan has also killed people also *unreleated* but wtf is his last name oh his best friend is a werewolf too does he know that im assuming he knows jackson is alive because how could he not but how did they explain that jfc somebody tell danny why do i even like this show
Gossip Girl k chuck bass blair waldorf :p chuck and blair chuck x blair otpp things that make me think of them im sure i missed a lot of others
boyfriend fiance engaged crosszealot
rachel berry Quinn Fabray faberry so whatever 'cos I have a lot of unrequited faberry feels what if Quinn told Rachel she loves her at graduation but Rachel is still blinded by her school girl fantasy chooses Finnept but they remained friends tho and then years later they're both successful in their respective careers and Finnept is long gone from Rachel's life and Rachel realises that Quinn has always been there for her and has done a lot of things for her so being Rachel Berry she crashes Quinn's book signing to tell her that she's ready and loves her too I wish I could fic this but I don't know how to words obviously I have a lot of faberry feels
my gif 1k woohyun infinite gif:infinite toheart
1k * Shameless Shameless US ian x mickey mickey milkovich shamelessedit flashing gif cw long post // this is so gross oh my god this has probably been made before whatever