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Writing About Immortality
ORIGIN Granted Immortality – the character is given immortality. Gods and other high-magic beings will gift their mortal friends or pawns. Or perhaps the character has found a magical artifact or spell that will make them immortal. In other words, the character is born mortal, but becomes immortal. ...
I know exactly what I would do with immortality: I would read every book in the library.
I want to write love poems so sweet that the ink on the paper attracts honey bees.
Immortality is everyone else dying.
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the vampire diaries elena gilbert damon salvatore stefan salvatore tvd caroline forbes tyler lockwood bonnie bennett jeremy gilbert matt donovan TVD* eternal sadness moral of the story: immortality comes at a price kids
jaejoong what is wrong with me what is WRONG with you why do you look like you're 15 why were you staring at the camera while waiting for your mother to leave the bathroom what is your secret to immortality you are almost 30 what the actual fuck
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  • Voldemort:only I can live forever.
  • The Doctor:
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