• in which he is not having any of ur dumb shit •
* gifs* Teen Wolf Scott McCall 'scott's sO du mb' shut the fuck up he might be good and whole hearted and occasionally blinded by love but he's not stupid he has a job at a veterinary which takes training and knowledge he is in lydia 'future fields medal genius' martin's math class he got a d- on his homework which the teacher wrote was not like him (ps he only got that d- because he just got turned into a fUCKING WEREWOLF) he's also the one that realised the kanima only kills who he's told to and these are only examples i thought of on the spot so you think fucking twice when you say shit about how dumb scott mccall is
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God nothing The Wanted Siva Kaneswaran Max George tom parker Nathan Sykes Jay Mcguiness graphics:edits really annoyed that gif i made of siva is really the only siva stuff in that fucking video besides the photoshoot stuff we've seen before like why is siva so fucking overlooked i dont understand he is amazing and beautiful and hysterical put him in shit more okay thank you i s2fg i demand more siva but to be fair there was hardly any max stuff either which also makes me angry but he's not as overlooked as siva there was still some jax action going on i might gif that later when im not angry about siva nothing is better than siva
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i did a thing cuz its Christmas hereeridan ur not even trying
death blood homestuck Dave Strider strider Fanart Dave challenge homestuck art alpha dave doomed timeline 31 day challenge seriously sorry about all that text my bad guys that won't happen too often doomed dave
dragon age dragon age 2 bioware DA2 eniedits HE'S ONE OF US rylan hawke i bet he has a tumblr also rylan is hotter than ur hawke
homestuck gamzee he scares the shit out of himself clowns of a grim persuasion which may not be in posession of their full mental faculties
if men got periods i’m pretty sure tampons/pads/cups would be free and also sent out monthly in the post wrapped in a gunmetal grey wrapper with the word POWER and XTREME and CORE written all over it 
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Hey guys, I wanna try to prove something to my mom. Please reblog if you would prefer Obama over Rom...
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mine stana katic not even deigning to answer your dumb question instead of sleeping or doing any of my assignments due thurs i watched the 2010 panel in anticipation for friday and h o l y shit was so offended by the way bowman talked about your casting process the actual worst good thing you're the best
supernatural castiel Sam sassy 99 problems g:spn spn5 spnedit mine:graphic g:gif g:ep gifs because i feel kind of dumb for not having gif'ed this at some point
happy birthday taemin! i am so proud of youuu! you've made it this far (LOL) look at you now look how much you have improved from the taemin with a jet black bowl cut hair lithe body and and chubby cheeks ;~; you look so good rn i am fucking clapping for your fitness instructor and your coughjonghyunhyungcough anyways I LOVE YOU SO MCUH YOU WILL NEVER KNOW TBH i love your voice your eyes your neck YOUR EVERYTHING stay as sweet as you are right now im aware that this letter of gratitude is kinda useless but whateva!!!!! i promise to support you till the end and shit THE FANS (+me) ARE ALWAYS HERE TO SUPPORT YOU OK WE GOT UR BACK have fun party hard drink lots n lots of hard liquor with ur hyungs and HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
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