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  • Moon in Aries sleepy:I just want some hot tea (or any other hot drink) and a good book to snuggle with. *lightly yawns*
  • Moon in Aries tired:(inner monologue; BACK AWAY YOU FILTHY MONSTER) *just looks like grumpy cat in real life*
  • Moon in Taurus sleepy:*tries to cuddle with anything in a ten mile ratios (all of us are cuddle sluts)*
  • Moon in Gemini sleepy:*leaning on their bff bae and rambling about random shit*
  • Moon in Gemini tired:SHUT THE FUCK UP CAROL NO ONE LOVES YOU!!!
  • Moon in Cancer sleepy:I wanna get a puppy and name her after my favorite ship.
  • Moon in Cancer:FUCK YOU ALL IM GOING HOME!! *legit drops everything to go home and sleep*
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come up
Dreams do come true. I know, because I found you.
You will fall in love with someone who’s cold and always seemingly pushing you away. When all is said and done, they will be forever known a...
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“If you are black and you’re standing in it, STAND in it in ...
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If they ever asked me how I have spent the past year I will tell them: ‘I was looking for Allah’. And if they wonder what I have gained o...
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Steven Universe coming back at you May 12th with 4 weeks of life changing episodes that will change your life for life.
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Today, I fucked up... by sharting in my Mother in Laws face
Me and my fiancée got engaged in November, Due to some family medical Mumbo-Jumbo we only got round to having an engagement party this evening at her mums so our parents and families could meet.Everything was going fine, I had a few Guinness before we went to her mums and my tummy was a little gammy...
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