• insanity •
gif death text sad anime japanese time alone black Grunge hate manga dark monochrome fear sadness darkness kill me antisocial depressive insanity
mind hope anger insane mad self destruction circle recovery psycho insanity disappointment Cycle psychopath sanity madness Psychopathy dark mind
gif thoughts crazy dark mind fantasy insane mad right darkness Walking insanity asylum sanity madness dark mind
fav film mine batman the joker movie heath ledger anarchy the dark knight batman begins Christopher Nolan cards dc comics Iconic clown Villains criminal Why so serious insanity the dark knight trilogy dcedit sociopath The GOAT BatmanEdit Agent of Chaos dccu nurse joker jokeredit Kubrick Stare I hope Jared Leto and Suicide Squad continue the legacy and do The Joker proud.
gif film mine batman the joker jared leto heath ledger the dark knight Christopher Nolan Mark Hamill dc comics Villains jack nicholson insanity Bruce Timm madness Cesar Romero dcedit suicide squad Mask of the Phantasm Batman: The Movie batman 89 david ayer dccu evolution of the joker dceu The Clown The Gangster The Anarchist The Psychopath
scary Black and White dark insane satan evil darkness Demon 666 demons insanity
drawing art depressed depression sad draw dark insane darkness Demon artistic demons depressive insanity sadess
film mine batman the joker TV jared leto heath ledger will smith the dark knight scarecrow harley quinn Penguin dc comics bane The Riddler Villains talia al ghul margot robbie Gotham Ben Affleck killer croc dcedit suicide squad deadshot Ras Al Ghul rogues gallery fish mooney dccu nurse joker RoguesGallery
gif film mine batman the joker heath ledger cinema crossover the dark knight Christopher Nolan Stanley Kubrick The Shining Jack Torrance jack nicholson insanity not sorry why so serious? jack napier dialouge I was going to make sets for each movie but then I got lazy and just combined the two to save time. lolz. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE BAD DAY
scary Black and White creepy weird horror dark morbid strange insane mad evil different darkness eerie insanity madness
love Black and White depressed depression sad suicidal suicide cutter cutting ana mia scars sadness empty heartbreak insanity
gif film mine the joker movies heath ledger cinema the dark knight donnie darko A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick The Shining full metal jacket Villains jack nicholson psycho the silence of the lambs hannibal lecter 2001: A Space Odyssey longpost gone girl the crow brandon lee Kubrick Stare The Kubrick Glare
scary Black and White text creepy Typography horror crazy dark morbid insane darkness Macabre terror psycho horrible insanity psychopath terrifying dark blog horror blog
Twitter user @HenryKrinkle was searching for Roof’s online footprints but to find websites registered under the name Dylann Roof would cost him $49 dollars, so @HenryKrinkle tweete...
mine Personal terrorism Racism USA America white people white privilege Charleston black lives matter
popular jon stewart The Daily Show
photography life depressed depression sad Grunge broken reality photos insane sadness depressive insanity
gif adoption same sex marriage michigan lgbtqia north carolina
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