• inside she's falling to pieces inside she's pure rage violence vengence FIIIREEEE •
MY EDIT game of thrones gotedit gotcatelynstark gotjaimelannister just a distraction while i'm capping different things BUT PELASE THIS SCENE AND THESE TWO FIERCE MOTHER OF WOLVES BOW DOWN OR BE HANGED i'm so happy they added all these chared with so much tension wrath doubts and admiration moments between  jaime and catelyn THESE TWO ARE GIVING ME EMOTIONAL BONER EVERY TIME he admires her so much her strength her unyielding courage and facade made of stone though he knows inside she's a mess inside she's falling to pieces inside she's pure rage violence vengence FIIIREEEE and she is so desperate to not allow any doubts the words he speaks stir in her this poking her in her morality borderlining on rightousness nudging her beliefs with scary alternatives and blinding shades of grey and they are this close from shattering each other's world's views and yet he always escapes into sarcasm and taunts and she hides behind unbreakable walls made of cold and stone and stubborness oh and i adore this quote to bits HE GETS HER SO MUCH?? it is supposed to be another jest of his but it's CATELYN'S ESSENCE she traded warmth and softness of the south into hard cruel merciless of the north and she doesn't even realise and it's going to devour her THIS VIOLENCE THIS ANGER THIS ANIMAL HUNGER FOR JUSTICE SOON JUST FOR THE SAKE OF VIOLENCE SOON (also that last one jesus christ i need an au with brienne and cat and cat is a mafia leader and brienne her right hand her bodyguard and loyal partner and twin soul and she speaks so little but she has the most fierce looks and everyone's talking about she-wolf and that giant of a womanbodyguard of hers and how you really don't want to cross them)
art yeah fem!bilbo WE'RE ALL CRYING REALLY uh she's kinda looking at the inside of erebor for the first time she's like shit this is insanely beautiful but welp there's a dragon inside jfc
mine disney Pixar inside out Disneyedit pixaredit secondstarnetwork womanupnetwork inside out spoilers i love sadness' face she's totally into the imaginary boyfriend
my gif 1k mine the walking dead Michonne Danai Gurira walking dead inside SHE'S A BOSS
1k * Disneyedit she's the cutest pixaredit insideoutedit f: pixar m: inside out purelypixar
kingdom hearts 1kplus aqua Kairi Namine Xion 3kplus 5kplus *khgif made by morgan plcm 2kplus when i got to xion i suddenly realized that she never actually sheds tears she still screams out in pure fucking anguish tho and i feel like that's pretty close she's cryin on the inside ok also i really wish i could have put larxene and olette in here but they never cry so hOLY SHIT THIS GOT OVER 1k NOTES IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS JFC 4kplus
lost quote Black and White text depression sad music song true pop avril lavigne sadness nobody's home she's lost inside
art vintage black Grunge rage retro 90s anger fan art violet 1990s hole blond violence grunge fashion courtney love Live Through This nineties Courtney Love Cobain Celebrity Skin grunge rock photoshop edit soft grunge photoshop tutorial hole band pretty on the inside phan art VHS art glich art violet song
mine fifth harmony ally brooke 5hedit happy birthday my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she's so beautiful inside and out and she's so precious and adorable and talented and :'))) yall i love ally s o much im cryign
rupert grint my edits Emma Watson I just can't Grintson romione gifs rupert x emma how to die in two seconds my goh please marry him now make your move! she's just admitted she's in love with rupert
disney Modern Family zac efron sherlock new girl sleep memes supernatural vanessa hudgens high school musical kdrama hsm dr who dexter procrastination zanessa tvshows bet on it hot stuff dilemma spsocialmedia zanessa forever even though she's not inside every single tv show i'm hooked on now ugh
my gifs mine Kenya inside out Disneyedit disneyismyescape pixaredit mickeyandcompany she's gonna be my favorite i know it
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I love— I have a very close soft spot for Karen, I love Karen. She’s my great, great friend. And she’s just— y’know, she&#...
my edits Emma Watson Events flawless queen mtv movie awards She's perfect
photoshoot mine 2011 Emma Watson flawless queen She's so beautiful type: high
kelly taylor brandon walsh she's talking to colin she's correct
Morrigan dragon age daedits gamediting sin** dorianpavus IS THERE ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN MAGES morrigan's ruthless survivalist nature appeals to me so much because she's incredibly self-aware except when it comes to admitting her feelings :') she lies to herself about some things but... she is aware of what is going on in the rest of the world and she's so cunning she is aware of how mages and elves are oppressed but she doesn't believe in risking her neck to free those who can't free themselves yet she is idealistic to a degree? she /wants/ change; she welcomes change and you can be sure she is pulling her own strings in DA:I as she always is this line gets to me so much; i need no faith for magic to fill me up inside god i love how morrigan never apologizes for who she is; i love that so much because the norm is for mages born in circles to regret their lot in life; the burden of being born a mage (unless you're in tevinter) but morrigan was never in a circle and she relishes in it and ughhh i love you so much several of the other companions get into convos with her abt how she's so cruel and she'll die alone etc and this was in a convo with leliana about the maker and god it's JUST MORRIGAN FINDS SOLACE IN MAGIC OTHER MAGES HATE THEMSELVES FOR THEIR MAGIC BUT SHE FINDS SOLACE AND SECURITY IN IT
Pixar my graphics brave disney princesses merida ladies of disney she's not an official princess yet but she will be soon! did i do this whole series just to use that third picture in the right column? it's... possible