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Você já imaginou sua vida sem Internet?
Imaginando… Não ia ser legal não…
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Esos días en los que no hay Internet...
remember in 2006 when you accidentally hit the internet button on your flip phone and then you had to press end 40 times to keep your parents from paying for such a luxury
i don’t understand how some of the stuff on the internet makes it to the internet
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  • Normal people thinking about death:Who will attend my funeral?
  • Me:Who will tell my Internet friends?
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Reblog if your grateful for your internet friends
AN ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL is bullied and teased at school without a single friend. All the adults say, “toughen up. Sticks and stones may bre...
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The dissertation is here!
I finally managed to get hold of a copy of my dissertation! You can read it on Google Docs HERE. Please feel free to download and cite the work if it helps you with your own studies. :)
The internet will now be a public utility.
The FCC has voted in favor of net neutrality protecting consumers from abusive internet service providers.This is a very good day!
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Well, first of all, you’re using Internet Explorer.