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  • suddenly, lay confessed his inner feelings about airport. he said that the fans' cameras are overwhelming.
  • LAY:they followed us right in front of the toilet and took photos. i was so surprised. they took photos while we were talking inside the toilet, it was so scary.
  • BAEKHYUN:i think following us to the front of the toilet is a bit wrong. i want something like EMP. so with one button, everything can be turned off.
  • CHANYEOL:cellphones will be turned off as well? (laughs)
  • LAY:they don't look around because they're taking photos. once, this fan at the airport bumped into a passing child while taking photo and the child fell over. i was angry.
  • CHANYEOL:because they all follow us, it's really dangerous. there are times when injuries occur.
  • KAI:i want to say that let's be careful at airports.
  • BAEKHYUN:it would be nice if there was a 'photo zone' at the airport. so we make them takes photos only there.
  • ...
I'm actually glad that they've had to pull The Interview
I’m so sick and tired of Hollywood making movies like this. From Sex and the City 2 to Borat America has a tendency to treat non-western nations as punchlines. When we’re dying from diseases, Americans find it funny. When we are living under oppressive regimes that are responsible for th...
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I would pick Zelo as the husband or son-in-law.. Because Zelo is young, I think she would be able to use him as much as she wants and then t...
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