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With the release of Dirty Pretty Things last November, Michael Faudet’s private persona has shifted from an internet enigma to a lustful mystery on print. Although, Faudet can be found on all social platforms, his existence has aligned itself to the likes of an urban legend. A writer and an artist l...
“How to Stare in Someone’s Soul and Make them Feel Uncomfortable” a book written by Harry Styles
  • Interviewer:What piece of advice would you give to Stephen Fry, aged 10.
  • Stephen Fry:You're not alone. Everything you feel is fine. Only feel guilty about things you have done that are mean and cheap and unkind. Don't feel guilty about what you feel, no matter what the world might think. Everyone is scared inside, not just you. That's why reading is so good. Keep doing it. Writers are people brave enough to make you feel better about being human because they're not afraid to reveal their own frailties, weaknesses, desires, failures, and appetites.
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[Women] are the people I want to talk about, they’re the people I want to protect, they’re the people I want to put in my movies...
I want to support young girls who are in their 20s now and tell them: You’re not just imagining things. It’s tough. Everything that a guy sa...
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  • Interviewer:Give us your best tip for overcoming depression.
  • Stephen Fry:To regard it as being like the weather. It's not your responsibility that it's raining, but it is real when it rains, and the fact that it's raining does not mean that the rain is never going to stop. The only thing to do is to believe that, one day, it won't be raining and accept it so you can find a mental umbrella to shield yourself from the worst. The sun will eventually come up.
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