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nate iOS
Tamagotchi is coming to Android and iOS? Tell me more.
While most kids aren’t carrying around little plastic Tamagotchi eggs anymore, there’s still a big virtual pet market on Android and iOS. And that’s exactly where Tamagotchi is going next, with an app/game being launched soon by Bandai.  There will be a retro Tamagotchi mode as w...
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@everyone with an iPhone
Settings > General > background app refresh: off General > accessibility > reduce motion: on General > handoff & suggested apps: off (unless you need it) General > accessibility > increase contrast: reduce transparency. (This makes some things uglier but REALLY helps you...
Only iOS users can see this ultra rare pepe
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iOS 8
If you don’t have enough space to update to iOS8, then just plug your device into your computer and update it from there! Reblog to save a life!
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