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Besides the countless lives Iraq is losing, another heartbreaking reality is the destruction of heritage. A 1300 year old Shia mosque, ancient libraries filled with original and limited copies of books that can’t be replaced, the ancient Assyrian artifacts and churches that have stood centuries befo...
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We understand what just happened in the streets of America all too well. This is the reality here, we are deeply sorry that now you have to ...
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This goes for every single bombing. Whether it be in America, or in Israel, or Iraq. Anywhere.
What to do in a time like this: Make sure everyone is safe Pray for the families of those lost and those injured Send good vibes Volunteer Thank medical/firefighters/bystanders for their service What not to do in a time like this: Make racial assumptions Assume everything you read on the internet it...
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Pray for Pakistan, Pray for Iraq, Pray for Africa, Pray for Turkey, Pray for Syria. Because the lives of these people matter too. Because the world needs to wake up and realize that they do not deserve this dehumanization. Because the world needs to realize that the oppressed need to stop being cate...
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The so called terrorism we are fighting, in reality, is the counterviolence created by the terrorism we commit. If we really wanted to end t...
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