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Pray for Pakistan, Pray for Iraq, Pray for Africa, Pray for Turkey, Pray for Syria. Because the lives of these people matter too. Because the world needs to wake up and realize that they do not deserve this dehumanization. Because the world needs to realize that the oppressed need to stop being cate...
iraq Safin Hamed
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The 2015 attacks you probably know nothing about...
January 3-7: Baga, Nigeria 2,000+ killedJanuary 25: Mamasapano, Philippines 67+ killedJanuary 30: Shikarpur, Pakistan 60 killedFebruary 4: Fotokol, Cameroon 91+ killedMarch 7: Maiduguri, Nigeria 58 killedMarch 20: Sana'a, Yemen 137 killedApril 1: Garissa, Kenya 147+ killedMay 13: Karachi, Pakistan 4...
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