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Forty percent of Muslims say they have a college degree or more, compared to the 29 percent of Americans overall. Muslim women in America… a...
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“Prophet Muhammad ? used to go walking with ‘?’ishah RA at night while talking with each other.” — (Bukh?r?) ?a forgotten sunnah
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Dua on going out from home  Bismillaahi ta wakkaltu ‘allal laahi laa hawla wa la quwwata illaa billaah In the Name of Allah, I have placed my trust in Allah. There’s no power nor might except by Allah. "The person who reads this Dua while leaving home will be protected from Satan, and ev...
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Ya Allah, If someone hates me for my happiness, I ask You that You send them happiness so that they forget mine.
Ya Rabb, Ya Karim, whoever wishes good for me in the secrecy of the night or in the openness of daylight, grant them double of what they&rsq...
Fajr: Do not fear missing sleep. Fear a day in which there will be no sleep.